Work Experience Programme


As part of the College's Career Guidance Programme, the College hope to offer work experience opportunities for the students. Through their participation in the Work Experience Programme, the College hope that the students will gain a better awareness and understanding of themselves and their career options as well as some invaluable hands-on experience in the working world. Such experience will be very beneficial to the students as it gives them more exposure in the relevant industries as well as to provide them with insights regarding their possible career choices.

The suggested duration of the Work Experience Programme (open to negotiation according to your organisation's needs) is between Jan to Jun 2011 (2 weeks to 3 months) for our JC2 students after their A-Level exams.

These students are from both the Science and the Arts streams, and will be selected on the basis of their application, performance at an internal interview, as well as teachers' recommendation. The College will ensure that the students are adequately prepared prior to the start of the attachment, and the teachers will also be scheduling visits to observe the students' progress during the period of attachment.

AJC and AJCAA would greatly appreciate if you could reply to indicate your organisation's interest in this collaboration. To further explore this collaboration, please contact Ms. Maggie Quek, Subject Head / Economics at 6459 8771 ext 128 or