Teachers' Day Dedication 2006

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Mdm Woon and Ms Usha,

Thank you for all the support and guidance I've received under your tutelage. You are the best!

Shanker (07/1999)


Dear Mr David Roberts (GP and PD Tutor),

Thank you, Sir, for all the knowledge and values you instilled in us. We miss the clean-shaven, witty and highly motivated Ang Moh tutor.

Yeoh Cheng Yow (19/1999)


Dear Mrs Alice Teo (李白杨老师),

I'm kind of rusty with my Chinese. If someone happens to spot any 'spelling errors', please help me correct it.

Lilian Lim Xiao Min(林晓敏) (01/2001)


Dear Mdm Tee Kim Cheng, Miss Wendy Koh, Mdm Tay S G, Mr Lau H P, Mr Andy Quek, Mdm Yam, Ms Usha and Ms Kwan-Terry,

Many thanks for all the valuable guidance that you folks have shown us for those valuable two years that we were there. As much as we have disappointed you sometimes in some areas, we hope we have impressed you folks in many other ways (e.g. Our Physics and Mathematics Grades!) Many, many thanks!

Chia Sheng You Edwin (03/2002)


Dear Ms Yan Lao Shi (Chinese Teacher),

Lao Shi, the time spent in your lessons had been fond memories for me, even till now! Those times will be treasured & kept close to my heart in the future! Cheers & thanks alot for your wondrous & refreshing teaching!

Zhong Yuhua Eve (35/2002)


Dear Ms Wendy Koh, Mr Lau HP, Mrs Tan HC and Mr Ang SC,

You've all been wonderful teachers in playing a part in grooming us.... Thanks alot…

Aaron Tang (03/2004)


Dear Mrs Maggie Wong FM,

Without your words of encouragement, your passion for being a Chemistry teacher, your confidence in us (and myself), I wouldn't have improved so much and I wouldn't have done it without all of your help. Thanks for all your time after school and during the holidays with me! Really, really appreciate it. You light up the flame in me. You share your passion for Chemistry with me. Thank you!

Tan Ai Ling (06/2004)


Dear Teachers who have taught 10/04,

Thanks for all the patience, the extra lessons and all the love! All of us really appreciate it. Now that we're all grown up and ready to face the world, at least we know who helped us get here. Thank you and enjoy the rest of your life in AJ!

Ariana Low (10/2004)


Dear Mr Arthur Lim (PE Teacher),

I would like to thank you tonnes because I think you are the reason that I've got into University. When I was in JC, you taught me how to speak up and to manage my family problems in the midst of my hectic JC2 curriculum. You were there to listen to my problems, advise me and encourage me to work hard for my future, my A levels. You are one of the dedicated teachers in AJC, who is sincere and concerned. Being a PE teacher, not only do you focus on the students passing the NAPFA test and keeping fit, you also take care of their welfare and you are willing to help others if they were in need. A very nice and approachable teacher, I would say, thank you again, Mr Arthur Lim. Cheers!

Nasirah Banu (13/2004)


Dear Ms Daljit, Ms Reshma, Ms Winnie Tan, Ms Ng Puay San, Ms Joy Tan, Mr Cheng and Mr Lim Kim Tye,

Just want to tell all of you that you've played a great role in moulding me to who I am today and I'm grateful for that. Be it academically or non-academically, I've learnt a great deal from every one of you and you guys have set a great example for me to follow. I'll always remember the times we spent together! Happy Teachers' Day! In years to come, all of you might not remember me, but one thing for sure, you'll always be on my mind! Thanks!

Felicia Ngiam (21st Student Council, Welfare Head) (15/2004)


Dear Mr Chua (Volleyball Coach) & Miss Kong (Chemistry Teacher) and Ms Resma (Biology Teacher),

First, I want to thank you for all the things that you had taught me and I really appreciate the efforts you had put in. Most importantly, I want to wish you a Happy Teachers' Day and all the best in your future teaching.

Goh Kok Hong (15/2004)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui, Ms Daljit (GP Teacher), Ms Resma (Biology Teacher), Ms Kong (Chemistry Teacher), Mr Matthew Soh (Chemistry Teacher), Ms Valerie Chan (GP Teacher) and Mrs Soon (Mathematics Teacher),

A big shout out to all the teachers in AJC! Happy Teachers' Day! A special mention to those who had the misfortune of encountering me at one point of time. Thank you so very much. Now, when I look back at the trouble and mayhem I caused, I was surprised that you all didn't just kill me on the spot. I wish you all every success in the future and may you never quench your desire and passion to educate people like me! Happy Teacher's Day again and thousand gratitude.

Yeo Tian Wee (15/2004)


Dear Teachers of 19/04,

Thanks to all of you who put in your care & concern in teaching us for the past two years. We are very grateful for all the patience & tolerance you had provided us. We will always remember you and we hope you will remember us too.

Pan Jingyi (19/2004)


Dear Mrs Carolina Ip, Mrs Maggie Wong, Mr Ari, Mr Paul Tham and Ms Valerie Chan,

Hey, Teachers, remember me? Thanks for all the precious time, guidance and support that you have given during my two years stay in AJC. I appreciate greatly and it has left me great memories. I wish all a happy and joyful teacher's day. May you enjoy this special day. Keep in touch!

Teo Zhi Jian Kent (20/2004)


Dear Mr Paul Tham, Ms Florence Lee, Ms Winnie Tan and Ms Ng Puay San,

Mr Paul Tham, you are a really responsible PD tutor, always so concerned about the well being of each and every one of us. 23/04 will always appreciate you! You answered all my Maths questions even though some of my questions were really simply silly. Thanks for your patience and the knowledge that you had imparted to us. Have a very happy Teachers' Day!

Ms Florence Lee, I could not think of a teacher who is more caring than you, Ms Lee. You really have a very big heart and I'm really glad you guided us during the overseas CIP trip last year. You are indeed a role model for all of us, volunteers. Not forgetting, the enjoyable GP classes that you conducted for us last year. Your feedback and motivation had really helped me improve my GP. I'm really grateful to be blessed with such a great teacher. I wish you a very happy Teachers' Day!

Ms Winnie Tan, thanks so much for igniting my passion in a subject I never imagined I would enjoy - Economics! Without your careful guidance, especially in the forms of SMSes in the middle of the night, I would not have done well for my Econs. May you enjoy whatever you are doing, even after you have left AJC. The memories will last forever! Stay happy and have a great Teachers' Day!

Ms Ng Puay San, thanks so much for moulding me into who I am today. Even up till now, although I have graduated, I can still rely on you to provide me with advice whenever I need them. I wish you happiness and health. Enjoy this well-deserved Teachers' Day!

Lim Jia Yi (23/2004)


Dear Mr Paul Tham, Ms Florence Lee, Mr Lim, Miss Winnie Tan and Mdm Han,

Happy Teachers' Day! Enjoy this day, teachers! Take a break for once!

Ya Li (23/2004)


Dear Ms Tan Lok Huan, Ms Joy Tan, Mdm Khoo and Mrs Goh,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you very much for imparting your knowledge to me and guiding me through my JC life. All the best to you! Take lots of care. And smile always.

Wendy You (27/2004)


Dear Ms Casey Goh, Ms Wendy Koh, Mdm Tay Sai Ghor and Ms Valerie Chan,

Thank you all for making my JC life so meaningful and memorable. Thanks for all your hard work, without which, it would be impossible for me to do well academically.

Ms Casey Goh, you are more than a teacher to me. Your words of wisdom are my source of light in times of distress. Thanks for comforting me and showing me the way whenever I'm lost.

Ms Wendy Koh, it's a joy to have you as my tutor. I know I can always turn to you for advice and to brighten up my day. Thanks for being such a great mentor and friend to me.

Mdm Tay Sai Ghor, no one would ever deny that you are a dedicated, professional teacher. You made me realize my potential and because of you, I became more confident and interested in the subject (Physics).

Ms Valerie Chan, thanks for being such a great GP and PDG tutor. You are a friend to everyone in the class, but at the same time, all of us respected you.

Diana (Batch of 2004)


Dear Dear Teachers who have taught 10/04, especially Ms Florence Lee, Mrs Ong YL, Ms Mani, Mr Tan CK, Mdm Tee and Mr Yip,

Many thanks to you for being such good and committed teachers. Thanks for your patience and spending your well deserved breaks enlightening us. It was only with your help that we survived the oh-so-tough A levels. Our sincere gratitude and good luck for your future endeavors! Happy Teachers' Day 2006! Thank you.

Jenna Fu & Jaimie Loke (10/2004)


Dear Ms In Kit Shong, Mdm Ong Pei Sze and Mdm Ho Siew Fun,

Happy Teachers' Day! Although we haven't been a really great bunch of girls and have always been giving endless troubles, we're really grateful to have learnt so much from you, teachers. The two years in AJ Dance was a great time for all of us. It wasn't all happiness that flooded through the two years. Though there were hard times where we learnt our lessons, this made us better persons. I'm sure we've each occupied a place in one another's memory. And we'll all carry these memories with us in the many years to come. The concert in April brought us back to the memorable times and was a great gathering for all of us. Many thanks to all the teachers who were involved in the concert too! I hope we'll have more of such times where we can work together for more dance performance and create many more memories!

Rou Chi (AJ Dance of 04/05) (30/2004)


Dear Ms Sabariah,

You are really one of the most motherly teachers that I've ever had! Thanks so much for everything! I miss you so much! Do take care always and of course, have a very happy teachers' day!

Wendy (Batch of 2005)


Dear Ms Siau, Ms Joy Tan and Ms Puay San,

From AJC students to Alumni members to the now teachers, you have all done a great job in motivating the students, the Alumni members and the AJCAA Executive Committee. Happy Teachers' Day and may you guys have a really good break on this day!

Ng Gek Hong Peggy (08/1997)