Teachers' Day Dedication 2007

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Mr Ng Eng Hock,

I hope you could still remember our class of 21/88... Zhimin, Charles, Sar Chew… and me the band and music pupil... Thanks for your guidance... Happy Teachers' Day.

Koh Chee Kang (21/1988)


Dear Mr Andy Quek, Mr Ng Eng Hock, Mdm Tee Kim Cheng, Ms Tan Hui Lian, Mr Paul Tham and Mr Jason Tan,

Thank you all for your patience and knowledge during my 2 yrs in AJC. It has helped in moulding to what I am today. Thank you all for everything. Cheers!

Sim Xiang Yao (18/1998)


Dear Ms Usha, Mdm Woon, Mr Yong Kuck Choon and Mr Chan Chee Meng,

Thank you for everything. We all became better people under you guys.

Shanker (07/1999)


Dear Mrs Chia, Mr Neo, Mr Tham, Mrs Leow and Mdm Wong,

Thanks for putting in so much effort in teaching us. I haven't seen anyone of you for years, but voices of each of you are still in my head. I remember vividly the scene of our class. Perhaps your achievement is not just creating beautiful memories in your students but giving them a chance to experience a worthy college life... Just to tell you that you have somehow made a chemical engineer. I am doing my Masters in Engineering in NUS and am doing research on a topic that I have initiated myself. There are several engineers, teachers and hospital lab analysts out there who were my classmates. If our achievement is a wall, you must be the one putting the bricks together. Thank you! Happy Teachers' Day!

Tan Wei Ling (09/2000)


Dear Mr Tan Chin Kah,

Mr Tan was my PD tutor and I remember giving him some problems as a student, but being patient and caring as he was, he took time out to talk to me. I remember there was this faithful day where he spoke to me for a few hours outside the Teacher's room. I really appreciate this gesture of his very much. As my Mathematics teacher, I find that he is very dedicated. He never failed to answer any of my Maths questions. It had been a pleasure to have Mr Tan as my PD Tutor. Happy Teacher's Day!

Ng Jinsheng (23/2001)


Dear Mrs Ong Yee Ling, Ms Casey Goh, Mr Mohan, Mr Ari, Ms Joy Tan, Mr Clement Cheng and Mr Tan Tiek Kwee,

A very happy teachers' day to all of you! I will never forget the memorable times I had with each one of you.

Rahul Mehta (02/2004)


Dear Ms Leow Li Ting (Mrs Lim),

Thank you for being there for us throughout our journey in Anderson JC. Lessons you have taught us, especially those, which is out of the curriculum, is so valuable that I'll never forget them. You have taught us with your heart and soul, and was there as a tutor, mentor and as a friend. Your support, understanding and presence during the time when I broke down meant so much to me. Thank you, Ms Leow. May you have a Happy Teacher's Day!

Li Wey Man (09/2004)


Dear Mrs Maggie Wong, Mr Ari, Ms Chan PS and Ms In,

Hey AJ teachers, Happy Teachers' Day! Hope you enjoy this special day. Thank you for your guidance and support given to me during my days in college. Greatly appreciated. Hope you can still remember me...

Teo Zhi Jian Kent (20/2004)


Dear Mr Chan Chee Ming,

The days when we had our hilarious and lively class discussions were never possible without your presence, Mr Chan! Though most of us have lost contact with you since graduation, I believe we do reminisce about the times we spent together as a class... Your antics, animated manner of speaking and unique sense of humour always left us walking out of the classroom (and to wherever we may be now) in stitches. As times goes by, I hope you do remain as chiseled, flamboyant and gregarious, like you always do.

Benjamin Loh (22/2004)


Dear Mr Chan Chee Meng (Physics tutor), Mrs Magdelene Low (Economics tutor), Mrs Chai Chung Mun (Chemistry tutor), ,

Dear Mr Chan Chee Meng (Physics tutor),

You're always full of funny antics. The surprises you gave us... I can never forget them… Thank you, Mr Chan... Hope your SK2 still works wonders for you. Haha!

Dear Mrs Magdelene Low (Economics tutor),

My economics teacher... I would never dare to forget the days you make Benjamin, Yan Han and me sit in front of the whole lecture group during lectures. Though you made sleeping and chit-chatting more difficult, I wish to tell you we slept and talked all the same secretly. Hehe... On a more serious tone, I really missed all of your tutorials, especially after A levels. Your dedication to teaching us Economics i.e. making us stay back after curriculum hours, is very much appreciated. I think the whole class just misses you…

Dear Mrs Chai Chung Mun (Chemistry tutor),

Haha... I still remember your story about your son lying down on the floor after dashing to switch on the air-con so that he could cool down quickly… It was really hilarious. Yup, it's me... Chris... your Chem rep is here dedicating a message to you. Haha... to tell you the truth... out of all the subjects... I liked Chemistry the most... It's something I enjoyed... forming equations and obtaining solutions. I appreciated the times when you gave us extra tutorials so that we could pull up our socks. Thank you, Mrs Chai. For all teachers of AJC, I wish you all a very Happy Teacher's day. You guys just rock!

Christopher Ho (22/2004)


Dear Ms Florence Lee (GP),

Hi, I would like to make a special dedication to you. Happy Teacher's Day, Ms Lee. Thank you for your support and guidance. Will always remember you as a very lovely and special teacher in my heart.

Debbie Tan (23/2004)


Dear Miss Sabariah,

She's a great wonderful teacher who always cares for the welfare of the class, who constantly puts in extra work and efforts to make sure we do well in not only her subject but in others as well. It was an honour to have her as our PDG teacher. Hope she will be able to take on a role as a PDG teacher again in the near future so she will be happier and more cheerful. On behalf of our class, Happy Teachers' Day.

Seah Jee Peng (26/2004)


Dear Ms Casey Goh,

Thank you, Ms Goh for always remembering me and for being such a great friend all this while. Although it's been 2 years since I left AJC, a part of the college is always with me, and that is largely because of our special friendship. May you have a very Happy Teachers' Day, which you truly deserve for being such a special teacher.

Diana (28/2004)


Dear Mr Mohan,

I am very pleased to have the opportunity to meet such a dedicated teacher like you. You have always been very approachable and helpful. I still remember the times when you gave your classes extra lessons nearer the A
levels and didn't mind me joining too. I remember your lectures to be very interesting too. I am really touched and grateful for all the help you have given me. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher.

Phon Yue Ni Katie (28/2004)


Dear Mr Ong Chin Meng (GP teacher), Mr Andy Quek (F. Maths teacher), Ms Bok (F. Maths teacher), Mr Neo (Physics teacher) and Mdm Jean Lee (Chemistry teacher - though I dropped Chemistry after the 1st year, I still remember you),

I can't really write, so I shall keep it short. Thanks everyone for trying to help me during the critical period to the A-levels. Thanks for spending time to talk to me, to try and wake me up. I really appreciate all of your efforts. Without all of your help, I wouldn't be able to make it to the university. You guys are the best teachers! I will never forget all of you. Thanks, thanks and many thanks. (I hope to express my gratitude to all the teachers who have taught me as shown. I hope it gets published in the book of memories, to let my teachers know that they're very much appreciated.

Corine Loh (01/2005)


Dear Mr Lim Kok Wee, Mr Chin, Mr Ong Chin Meng, Ms Ng, Ms Bok, Miss Lee, Mdm Lee and Mr Neo,

Thank you teachers for making me what I am today. I am unable to visit you all during Teacher's Day because of the army. Hope all of you enjoy yourself on Teacher's Day. Remain cheerful everyday!

Seah Chee Yong (AJC 22nd ODAC) (01/2005)


Dear Ms In Kit Shong, Ms Bok Teck Kin, Mr Wee Hock Guan, Mr Andy Quek, Ms Charlotte Chua, Mr Ng Eng Hock, Mrs Helen Chng (retired) and Mr Lau Haw Ping,

Happy Teachers' Day! Sorry for not being able to go down personally to visit all of you wonderful teachers as I will be in the forest (NS) by the time you all see this message. Take care! Enjoy marking tutorials!

Lim Zhen Xiong (04/2005)


Dear Ms Chua, Ms In, Ms Bok, Mr Wee, Mr Ng and Mrs Chng,

Thank you very much for all that you have taught, Happy Teacher's Day!

Tam Yong Sheng (04/2005)


Dear Mr Chew Tse Yong, Mrs Ong Yee Ling,

Dear Mr Chew Tse Yong,

Thanks for your care and guidance for the past 2 years. Without you, there won't be 06/05. Thanks for everything!

Dear Mrs Ong Yee Ling,

Thanks for your guidance in Project Eureka!

Howard Low (06/2005)


Dear All Teachers,

Thank you to all teachers who have tolerated all my stupid questions, especially when the A levels is near. Happy Teachers' Day and hope you will have many enjoyable teaching years ahead in AJC!

Foo Peow Ee (07/2005)


Dear Ms Tan, my beloved form/ GP teacher, Mdm Woon, my Econs teacher, Ms Pillai, my Physics teacher, Mrs Lee, my Maths tutor,

For Ms Tan, my beloved form/ GP teacher,

Thank u for all the pushes! I haven't forgotten the ice-cream I owe u! hehe.

For Mdm Woon, my Econs teacher,
Thank you for all the additional help, really appreciate!

For Ms Pillai, my Physics teacher,
Thank you for helping me in my unpassable Physics which I have since given up for Social Science! Haha!

For Mrs Lee, my Maths tutor,
Thank you for the faith you had in us,

To all the teachers, Happy Teachers' Day!

Nikki Yeo (07/2005)


Dear Ms Resma, Mr Lim Kim Thye and Mr Patrick Lim,

JC life has been the most exciting and it wouldn't be so without all of my teachers! happy teachers day!

Danny Tan (10/2005)


Dear Mr Lim Kim Thye, Ms Resma, Mr Patrick Lim,

For Mr Lim Kim Thye,

Hi, Mr Lim, just want to thank you for teaching me and helping me to get great results for A Levels! You've done a great job in developing my interest in chemistry!... Thanks and Happy Teachers' Day!

For Ms Resma,

Hi, Ms Resma, you've really helped me a lot in Biology! Being able to get an 'A' for Biology despite the fact that I have zero Biology knowledge when I first came to AJ is really a great achievement... all because I had you as my Biology teacher!... (by the way...please help me to thank Mr Clement Ong for letting me take Biology during J1... although he was quite reluctant then)... Thanks and Happy Teachers' Day!

For Mr Patrick Lim,

Hi, Mr Lim, thanks for teaching me in the two years. I've really enjoyed your lessons as you're one of the funniest teachers that I've ever met! By the way... you're very lame... but it's not a bad thing as I heard people saying that only clever people can think of lame jokes!... haha... thanks and Happy Teachers' Day!

Lee Yi Wen (10/2005)


Dear Mr Clement Ong (the Biology head),

I would like to dedicate my thanks to him: Thank you very much for your guidance during my course in AJC. You are the best tutor I ever had!

Chin Jian Wei William (13/2005)


Dear Ms Catherine Ng, Mrs Chai Chung Mun, Ms Usha, Ms Raudah, Mrs Tan Hui Choo, Mr Clement Ong, Mr Chew, Mr Alex Lee, Mrs Chng, Ms Soh Swee Keng, Mdm Ng Suat Lay, Mdm Jean Lee, Mr Phang Wei Cheng and Mr Larry Lee,

Dear AJ teachers, thanks for making a difference in my JC life and beyond ... May you continue to inspire others to achieve their dreams in life.

Yap Alan (13/2005)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

I still love you, Mdm Lee! Teachers, keep rocking!

Lim Shui Yong (18/2005)


Dear all teachers,

Thanks for all the help throughout the course of my study in AJC. Happy Teachers' Day!

Ow Yang Zhi Yan (18/2005)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

A great teacher, mentor and guardian. It was an honour being one of your students. Remembered always by the class 18/05. Keep in touch and keep joking!

Tan Yick Loong (18/2005)


Dear All my teachers,

Val misses you all!

Valerie Cheong (18/2005)


Dear Ms Maggie Quek, Ms Lee Siew Lin (now in MOE HQ), Mr Neo Chai Seng and Ms Yeo Hui Cheng,

Thanks a lot for everything you have done. All the Best and God Bless... And of course not to forget, Happy Teachers' Day!

Ng Jun Han Charles (20/2005)


Dear Ms Tan Lok Huang,

Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm. You were not just a teacher but a part of our class. You were not only our teacher, you were a mother-figure to us, a mentor and friend.

Thaddeus Tsang (22/2005)


Dear Mdm Sandra Ong Pei Sze,

Mdm Ong, you were the one who ignited my passion for Physics, the one who made me see the light at the end of the tunnel, and never the one who gave up on me. I'm grateful that once in my life, I met such a nice and patient teacher. Thanks a lot! Happy Teachers' Day!

Jerica Zhang (24/2005)


Dear Mr Mohan, Mdm Ong Choon Yam,

Dear Mr Mohan,
Thanks a lot for your patience! Although we were a naughty lot and were far from being conscientious, you never gave up on us and took the trouble to give us extra classes in spite of your tight schedule. Hope you stay happy always!

Dear Mdm Ong Choon Yam,

A big thank you for all the help that you've given us! You're the most motherly teacher I've ever seen! You never stop encouraging us even though we brought you headaches! Thanks for always having our intentions at heart, for always being there for us when we needed advice and for treating us as your very own children. Take care and be happy!

Fu Wenxin (38/2005)


Dear Ms In,

Sorry! Never hand up the homework I owe you for 3 years. Happy teacher's day!

Yau Ching Lee aka Qiu Zheng Li (07/2007)


Dear Ms Casey Goh, Ms Charlotte Chua and Ms Choy Jack Kie,

I think… we're so happening that you can't help but to happen to teach us XD. Here's to an awesome teacher's day, and seventeen 07 loves you!

17/07 (the happening seventeen oh seven) (17/2007)


Dear all the teachers teaching 21/07, i.e. Ms Tay Li May, Mr Ng Hock Soon, Mr Ng Eng Hock, Mr Wee Hock Guan, Ms Ng Puay San, Mr Ivan Ang and Mdm Tee Kim Cheng,

If not now, then when? If not you, then who? Thank you so much for all that you have done, you can have no choice but to teach us!

21/07 (the class that cannot stop talking in Chinese/ mother tongue) (21/2007)