Teachers' Day Dedication 2008

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear 06/05 Teachers,

Thanks for everything!! Without you teachers, there won't be any meaning to us students!

Howard Low (06/2005)


Dear Mr. Loh, Mdm Woon,

Much thanks for all that you've done in devloping my potential and guiding me in my path of self-discovery. Happy Teachers' Day!

Ming Jun (32/2006)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Hello! Happy Teachers' Day!! For all the help and support you have given 15/04 and myself, I just wanna say "Thank You!". Havent seen you for quite some time, hope everything is ok!!

Yu Jie (15/2004)


Dear Mrs Goh Lay Hoon,

Hi Mrs Goh! Still remember us? Thank you so much for being our PD Tutor :D We seriously think that you are a very HIP mother and teacher. Thanks for being so patient all the time and most importantly, stay HIP! :D Happy Teachers' Day! :D

Jasline, Lirong, Hanbin, Jerrie (26/2006)


Dear Mr Ari, Ms Chan, Ms In, Mrs Maggie Wong,

Dear 20/04 teachers,
Happy teacher's day! Thank you all for your guidance and support during my days in AJC. Sad to hear that Mr Paul Tham and Mrs Carolina Ip have left. Enjoy your well-deserved break and all the best in the coming year ahead :)

Kent Teo Zhi Jian (20/2004)


Dear Miss Zhu You Yan,

Dearest Miss Zhu,
"The best teachers teach from the heart, not from the book." I found this quote very meaningful, and immediately thought of you. You're one of the kindest, sweetest and most dedicated teachers I've ever met, and I feel completely at ease approaching you for advice, counseling and consultation. Thank you for offering so much help, smiles and joy during my times of need. I will never forget you, my teacher, my friend, my guardian angel.


Melissa Jane Ho (34/2005)


Dear Ms Yeo Hui Cheng,

Despite graduating from AJC 2 years back, I have been coming back to AJC to pester Ms Yeo Hui Cheng to help me. And without fail, she always helped me in the best way possible, much exceeding what I asked her to help me with. Ms Yeo, thank you very much for being my best chem tutor and for being such a dedicated tutor even though I am no longer your student. Smile more and take things in your stride!

Law Chong Hui (12/2005)


Dear Ms Resma, Mr Clement Ong, Mr Lim Kim Thye, Mr Patrick Lim, Mr Mohan,

To all the teachers who taught me before: Thanks for all the patience and guidance during my short tour in AJ. Wish all of you the best of health =).

Danny Tan (10/2005)


Dear Mr. Mohan,

Dear Mr. Mohan,

Zhong and I are so so grateful for the "after-sales service" you kindly provided when we needed your help to write testimonials for our university applications. Indeed, we could feel your concern and love for us! A blessed Teachers' Day to you!

Gary (36/2004)


Dear Ms Siti Nursaba,

thanks alot for the help you rendered to me during my jc life :) although i din reach to our expectations. i want to thank you because i learnt alot from you =) it's not the results that matter, but the knowledge you imparted to me. thanks alot alot for putting so much effort in me. please do not be discouraged okay? u're a really great and understanding teacher. u're missed :) and lastly, a well deserved break on teacher's day! :D dont forget me!

allena (10/2006)


Dear Mr Pang,

Dear Mr Pang,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Thanks for the encouragements and extra help back in those days. Although my physics sucks, I like the subject very much. Thankfully my work has nothing to do with physics.

Continue to inspire.


Huiwen (18/2003)


Dear Ms Maggie Quek, Mr Yip, Ms Naomi Abraham, Mrs Maggie Wong, Ms Tan, Ms Dawn Tan,

Thanks so much for your patient guidance; Thanks for answering all my silly & brainless qns;
Thanks for clearing all my doubts;
Thanks for being ever so willing to stay back for the consultation sessions;
Thanks for your sincerity in teaching;

Cliche as it seems, but i really wna Thank all of you, from the bottom of my heart. :)

kohhuishan:) (21/2006)


Dear ms.faith ng, ms. dawn tan, ms. tay li na,

you've played an important role in my jc life and i thank you for that. happy teachers' day and continue to inspire others :)

melissa fu (30/2006)


Dear Ms. Usha, Madam Woon Siew Fong, Mr. Yong Kuck Choon, Mr. Chan Chee Ming,

Dear teachers,

its been 8 years since the class of 07/99 attended your lessons. It seems so yesterday!

Just wanted to let all the teachers who've taught us this: that all of you will always be in our hearts and minds.

Especially, Madam Woon, who tried so hard to impart economics knowledge to us!

Ms. Usha, our ever-patient PD tutor who always had a kind word for us.

Mr. Yong: who taught us patiently and with humour!

Mr. Chan: the most entertaining teacher! you certainly had our attention!

Ho Jin Cheng

Ho Jin Cheng (07/1999)


Dear Ms Quek,

Sorry for not getting the 'A' that u wanted. :P but anw thanks for all your help u gave me, even when it seem hopeless for me to complete a full paper. LOL. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! stay happy and good luck!

ps: please buck up on your jokes! :P

Hon Chan (40/2005)


Dear Dear Mrs Josephine Leow, Mr Lee Hay Beng, Mr Roy Tan, Mr Lau Haw Ping, Mr Andy Quek, Mr Chionh Sin Ah, Mrs Lee Beng Choo, Mr Yong Chen Huat, Mr Lim Kok Wee, Mr William Chua and Mr Sanuse,,

Thanks for the two years you have taught me. Some of you may no longer be with Anderson JC, but I still remember the days in 1998-1999.

First, Mrs Leow, I would like to thank you for your dedication to teaching. You are like a motherly figure and is very patient with her students.

Secondly, I would like to say a couple of words to Mrs Lee, my Chemistry tutor, who passed away from cancer three years ago. Chemistry left me many good memories, with one exception back in secondary school when I got scalded with hot liquid. The smell from the chemicals linger on my hands after every chemistry experiment.

Thirdly, to my maths C and further
maths tutors Mr Roy Tan (taught me when I was in 02/98 for the first three months), Mr Lau and Mr Quek, I have always been passionate about mathematics but further maths is one of the reasons that made me think twice about taking maths major in university. For the first time ever, that subject showed me that I am not invulnerable to failing maths tests as I have never failed any until I came to AJC.

To the PE teachers who have taught me before, I am one of those slowcoaches in class during running and I still remembered the time I tried to pick up volleyball. That showed me that being short may not be a disadvantage after all when I saw how one my classmates spiked the ball despite being around the same height as me.

Finally, thanks for the lessons you have taught me for the two years in AJC. Wishing you all the best.

Ng Chun Yi (01/1998)


Dear Ms Tang Sow Kheng,

Dearest Ms Tang,

It is with much gratitude that I wish you a very special Teacher's Day. It has been years since I left AJC, but your teachings and patience has always been appreciated by your humble student.

It is our class's fortune to have you as our PD tutor and I represent the class in congratulating you on a job well done.

All the best,
Louis Neo.

Louis Neo (24/2001)


Dear Mrs Tan Yin Yee,

Mrs Tan,

I fondly remember you as one of my favourite Student Council teacher in charge and econs tutor, often boasting to my colleagues that I have gotten the best econs tutor in AJ.

Thanks for your teachings and your strictness and passion has really served to motivate the class.

All the best,

Louis Neo (24/2001)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Ms Siau,

Undoubtedly one of the most loved Council teachers in charge, you have never failed the 18th Student Council in our quest for excellence and guiding us for our various projects.

Your dedication to the college is also apparent from the time I attended AJC events as an alumni and met you at them.


Louis Neo (24/2001)


Dear Ms Lee Lin Ying,

To Ms Lee, for being the best math teacher I ever had, you're definitely the best thing that has happened to our class (for math that is hahaha!). We're very appreciative of you, much more than words can express!

Fiona (15/2007)


Dear Ms Carolyn Ng, Ms Maggie Quek, Ms Sabariah, Mrs Sudhir,

Hey teachers,

Thank you so much for all the hard work that you have invested in me, and helped me get to where I am today. I hope that you will continue to inspire many other future generations to come. All the best in your future pursuits!

Much loves,

Shakirah Djuanda (35/2006)


Dear Mdm Woon Siew Fung,

Mdm Woon,

Hey! Still remember me? I still remember attending my first Econs lesson in 2005, clearly petrified at this non-threatening looking teacher and then surprised to see her stamping her authority all over this class of rowdy students, earning the respect of each and every one of us. Econs was so much fun with you around! Needless to say, Econs was my favourite subject and you made it so intriguing by engaging us in thoughtful discussions and at the same time, polishing our basics as well. Mdm Woon, you are not only an unassuming teacher but also a very charismatic one as well. Happy Teacher's Day!

Seng Han Ting (26/2005)


Dear Mrs Soon, Mr Clement Cheng, Mr Patrick Lim, all other teachers who taught the batch of 2003,

Dearest Teachers,

Happy Teacher's Day and thank you for what you have me what I am today!

Smile always,
Lee Han Ying Claire

Lee Han Ying Claire (03/2003)


Dear all teachers since 1984/1985,

dear teachers,

glad to know that we have an alumni that is working for all of us, uniting all of us.

it has been more than 20 years that i have left college and you have been imparting your precious knowledge to the juniors and bringing pride to our college to be ranked on the top.

on this special day, 1st september, i would like to take this opportunity to thank all teachers


jackie neo
CG 03/84

jackie neo (03/1984)


Dear Miss Susan Leong,

Thank you for always taking the extra effort to get to know students personally, from Cedar to Anderson. You've made a great impact and inspired me. Happy Teachers' Day from Melbourne! :)

Kerrin Kua (11/2005)


Dear Ms. Joy Tan,

Thank you Ms. Tan for always being so patient with the Logistics Committee and with me! Your loving nature helped me understand patience and how to handle interpersonal communication effectively. Everything sounds really technical in this dedication but I'm sure you know how much you've helped shaped me during my JC and council life. Thanks! Happy Teachers' Day and all the best!

Kerrin Kua (11/2005)


Dear Ms Lim Sok Peng,

Hi Ms Lim! Thanks so much for all you've done. I will always remember you!

John (25/2002)


Dear Mrs Soon Choon Mui,

The most patient Maths teacher that I ever had! Especially when our class isn't exactly very good in Maths. =X

Vincent Koh (37/2006)


Dear Mdm Ong Ah Ngor,

Mdm Ong,

Have a happy teachers' day! And a big thank you for your guidance on my maths!

Chia Jia Da

Chia Jia da (29/2006)


Dear Mrs Juilet Yim,

Dear Mrs Yim,

Have a happy techers' day, and a big thank you for your guidance on my GP!

Jia Da

Chia Jia da (29/2006)


Dear Miss Tan Huay Lian,

hi miss tan,
happy teachers' day!!!=)
thanks for so kindly n patiently teaching me even when i am always sleeping n pretend to do homework. haha.. u're e best=) wish u good luck and have a happy teachers' day=)
with love.=P

Huiyi (06/2006)


Dear Mr Chan Chee Meng, Mr Jae Chia, Mr Lau Haw Ping, Mr Kevin Gan, Mr Seet Seow Meng, Ms Casey Goh, Mr Khor Hoi Hong, Mr Kho Hui Seng, Mr Ang Swee Kim, Mr Hong Lee Kiat, Ms Valerie Chan,

To all the above et al (I may have forgotten some of you folks, sincere apologies).

Thanks for everything and all that!

Fond regards,
The student who didn't complete >90% of his tutorials (but still turned out a reasonably acceptable specimen of homo sapiens. I hope!) :)

P.S. to Valerie: my niece shares your name :P

Wilson Foo (06/2004)


Dear Ms In Kit Shong, Ms Charlotte Chua, Mr Andy Quek, Ms Bok, Mr Wee, Mr Ng, Mrs Helen Chng, Mr Lau Haw Ping,

Dearest teachers!

Hope that you guys are doing well! Time really flies, its been 2yrs since 04/05 graduate! Just wanted to extend my sincere gratitude to all teachers who had nurtured 04/05 into who we are today. Take care!

Lim Zhen Xiong (04/2005)


Dear Mr Chan Chee Meng; Ms Sabariah; Mrs Chai Chung Mun; Mrs Magdelene Low; Mr Jonathan Seow; Mr Tan Shun Long,

Wishing you all a very Happy Teachers' Day!

Would never forget your teachings and scoldings..

Chris Ho (22/2004)


Dear Mr Lim Kok Wee/ Ms Tan (math teacher n my form teacher) and others,

To all teachers who have taught me during my 2 years in AJ


Shanti (11/2000)


Dear Mr Clement Ong, Mdm Ng (Maths) , Mrs Helen Chong, Ms Soh Swee Keng,

Dear Teachers,

Thanks for your care and guidance for those 2 short but crucial years. Don't know if you still remember me, but I still remember all of you. Thanks for helping me to get where I am today. Have a happy teachers day.. =]

Jeremy Koh

Jeremy Koh (12/2003)


Dear Mr Mok Weiwoon, Mr Chan Chee Meng, Ms Tan Huay Lian, Ms Vanessa Yiak and all other teachers who taught o6/o6,

Dear teachers,
Our lives in AJ were made memorable thanks to you. We shared the good times, the bad times. You were our guiding light, the beacon which guided us through our 2 years in JC.

Thank you so much!

Daryl Lim (06/2006)


Dear Mr Guru, Ms Zhu, Mr Phang,

this is just to say that we REALLY REALLY are VERY thankful for everything that you've done for us, and despite all the trouble we gave you, (which was a lot, sorry :P) we know you secretly miss us too :D HAPPY HAPPY teachers day!~

The class of 3405 (34/2005)


Dear Ms. Maggi Quek,

Thank you so much Miss Quek for your understanding and help. I really miss you. You are an inspiration to me.

Karn (28/2005)


Dear Mrs Michelle Ong,

I'm not too sure if Mrs Ong is still with AJC, but I've got to thank her for her everything! Mrs Ong, your Geography lessons went beyond Geography; you taught us lifeskills that we wouldn't have learnt anytwhere else and I got to say that every lesson of yours is a new experience. And thank you for inspiring me to walk in the same path as you - education. I hope I will be as good a teacher as you. You were more than a teacher to me; you were a mentor and someone really approachable. Thank you, and God Bless!

Pricilla Seah (36/2004)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

hello mdm lee how have you been?hope you still remember me.I'm the tall guy from andie's batch.haha.Would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work when i was under your guidance,you have been a great tutor.Once again take care and happy teacher's day!

hoe seng (18/2005)


Dear Mr Chan Chee Meng,

Thanks for the fun and interesting Physics lessons :)

Foong Siew Kuen (15/1994)


Dear All teachers who have helped to shape me in one way or another,

Though we have not been in contact often, but rest assured i still rmb u all as a bunch of caring and fun teachers!

Happy Teachers' Day and wish u all have many enjoyable teaching years ahead in AJC! =)

Peow Ee (07/2005)


Dear Mr Yong, Mr Patrick Lim, Mr Lim Kim Thye, Mr Ari, Mr Lau, Mrs Ong, Mrs Tan,



Thia Chiong Wei (29/2005)


Dear Mr. Yong K.C.,

Dear Mr. Yong,

Happy Teachers' Day!!! Christmas is coming soon! wait for my Christmas card!!

Kwan Yee (10/03)

Lam Kwan Yee (10/2003)


Dear Mrs Tay Cheng Fun,

Hi Mrs Tay,

Jae here... Sorry that I haven't been able to go back to AJC for some time now especially on teachers' day as I am usually been called for reservist during that time.

I just to say that I am very grateful for teaching me Maths when I was a student and for your guidance when I was teaching in AJ.

May you always remain a beacon and inspiration for the students and staff in AJC.

Stay young and cheerful ;)
With gratefulness,
Jae Chia

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

Hi Jean! It's Jae here.
Thanks for teaching 03/91 Chemistry. You inspire me to be a teacher ;) I can still remember how much fun we had in your class and we had always admired your sense of humour.
Most of all, we were very touched that you took time and effort to give each of us a birthday present although you were not our Home group tutor. You brought us so much fun, laughter and love in AJ. AJ would indeed be very different if you were not our chemistry tutor.

I just like to take this occasion to wish a very Happy Teachers' Day. May you continue to find joy in teaching and continue to be an inspiration to the students and fellow teachers ;)

In His love,
Jae Chia

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr Yip Kim Wah,

Hi Mr Yip,

Thanks for being my Home Group Tutor when i was in 03/91. You truly unite our class and brought us many wonderful moments.

When I was teaching in AJ, you were a wonderful mentor who showed me what it means to be efficient.

Thank you,
Jae Chia

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mdm Ong Kwee Hoon,




Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr Sng Peng Poo,


Thanks for being my mentor. I certainly learn alot from you. You are a great teacher who inspires the students and colleagues alike.

Stay cheerful and youthful,

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Ms Florence Lee,

Hi Ms Lee!

Happy Teachers' Day! =DD
Heard ur baby is adorable! and u still look as slim as ever! =)
stay pretty! =D


Koe Ya Li (23/2004)


Dear Ms Faith Ng,

Hello Ms Ng, wonder if you still remember our class, your first batch of class that you have taken after coming out from NIE. Anyway, happy teacher's day and continue to teach as brilliantly as ever!

Daryl Tan (07/2004)


Dear Mr Ng Hock Soon; Mrs Alice Teo; Ms Resma; Mdm Ong Choon Yam; Ms Levanne Yap,

Dear teachers, time really flies. It's already been almost 2 years since we last met, but i can never forget the hard work and time that you put in for my class and i during my 2 years in AJC. Happy teacher's day and happy teaching!

PDG 16/05

Reuben Lim (16/2005)


Dear Mrs Tay, Miss Inn, Mr Seet, Mr Yip and the REST of my colleagues,,

Wishing all a "Blessed Teahers' Day". I am greatful for all of you who have impacted me as a student and even as a staff in AJ. Hope that all you teachers keep influencing and impacting the lives of our future generations. Take care.

KOH Thiam Sin (02/1985)


Dear Mr Andy Quek Kim Leng,

Happy Teacher's Day, Mr Quek. You will always be remembered by 01/00 as a terrific form teacher. What a wonderful CD you have created for us! Thank you very much. Our class is fine. We still get together though some of us are overseas. Most of us are working now. Some of us are working in the financial sector, some as engineers, some as teachers, some working in the government sector and a couple of others. Cheers!!! Enjoy your day!!!

Yock Keng (01/2000)


Dear Mr Lim Kok Wee,

Hello mr lim, this is chee yong. long time no see. missed the last investiture cos of doing Duty Officer. sry. its been a long time since i last got scolded by u. memories. thank you for everything. learnt a lot from you and i am continuing learning from u. many things make sense now when it doesnt last time. thanks.

Chee Yong (01/2005)


Dear Mr Ong Chin Meng, Miss Bok, Mr Quek, Miss Lee, Mdm Jean Lee, Mr Ng,

thanks for teaching me. i realised that character succeed everything. i was too playful last time. now i am A BIT BETTER :p hahaz. thanks for everything. u made me into wat i am today.

Chee Yong (01/2005)


Dear Mr Chin,

Hello!! its been a while since the kayaking. thanks for always being there for me and us. really learnt a lot from u. Jiayou!!!

Chee Yong (01/2005)


Dear Mrs Lee Beng Choo,

In loving memory of Mrs Lee Beng Choo.

Thank you, Mrs Lee. Your selfless love towards education has touched many students.

Dearly missed and always remembered by Class of 01/00.

Yock Keng (01/2000)


Dear All teachers of 37/06,

Thanks so much for being there for us when we needed the most. Your care and guidance is what keep us going. Rock on our dear teacher!

xm (37/2006)


Dear Andy Quek,

Thanks to Andy Quek for the guidance when we were in 01/00. We appreciated what had been given from you to us! Thanks!

yong lim (01/2000)


Dear ms new,

hello..ms new
are u surprised?cos this e mail is suppose to surprise u!hahaha..
jus wanna say though u always hawk us but i know that u really want us to do well for A level.frankly, up till now,i'm sill not sure if i can do well for maths so hope u wont be disappointed when u see the result next year.it has been two happy yrs with u as and it will always be part of my memory and even if u are not my teacher next yr(hope so, dont wanna be retained), we can still go out ba( shopping!)cos u have good taste yeah!anyway they say they reserve the right to edit la so not sure by the time the msg reach u, how much is left...haha.
finally. happy teachers' day!!!stay pretty always. love.muack!!!

yao haiping (35/2007)


Dear Mr William Chua,

Dear Mr Chua, i know that this year both teams may not have hit your expectations and my J1 girls have not been easy to handle. To include myself, always being late and poor in academic and thus adding to your many problems. i know it has been tough on you and our team wants you to know that your efforts in the team have never been wasted and always appreciated. i can't thank you ever enough for all that you've done for us, your patience and guidance, the trouble you went through to give us a chance to go to korea and japan. i will do my best to make you proud in my academics and i am sure my juniors will also do you proud next year. (: you're the best teacher ic cum coach! keep going on! the volleyball teams love you!

Wong Li Si (16/2007)


Dear Mr Mohan,

Dear Mr Mohan,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thanks so much for your guidance, inspirations, patience, concern, reminders, supplementary GP lessons and assistance. Your personality have touched my life and enriched my years in AJ. A million thanks once more! May joy be with you everyday, every hour, minute and second i.e. not only on teachers' day.

Yours sincerely,
(one of the taller girls, who was quite weak in GP, from Chinese Orchestra)

Hui Han (11/2003)


Dear Mdm Ho Siew Fun,

Dear Mdm Ho, i know you have always been worried about me(being late and poor acad performance)and the rest of the girls for some reasons or another. and i really appreciate what you've done for my team and i. buying food for us and staying with us through all the tough trainings.. you're always concerned about us, more like a mother than a teacher. and i've all along been very touched by your care and love for us. haha okay it sounds so not like me to say that. but i really mean it just that i cant say it out to you verbally. haha. so yups, the J1s really need you and they love you alot so please do stay on in vb ya! i want to see you in vb when i come back to visit ok! haha. please do take care of yourself and you're the best teacher ic! (: dont worry i will do my best in my studies. once again, xie xie ni lao shi!

Wong Li Si (16/2007)


Dear Mrs Law Bee Lien,

Dear Mrs Law,
It has indeed been a pleasure to have been under your tutelage for mandarin and to be your class representative. You're the most personable chinese teacher I know in this school and perhaps the most versatile one too, seeing that you are very comfortable in conversing in english. By and large, I think I speak for the class here when I wish you a Happy Teachers' Day. Stay cheery always!


Lim Hsien Yong (04/2007)


Dear Mr Ng Eng Hock,

Dear Mr Ng,
I am very honoured to be a student that has triple affinity with you, first as your physics student, then as your Project Work student, then as your cca President. It has been a pleasure learning from you valuable physics insights and also life lessons and wisdom you have imparted. I am really thankful for the A in my PW which i felt would have been impossible without your constant pushing and advice, chess club has also blossomed under your astute management acumen. I hope to be able to repay you with more than just scoring an A in physics, let this be the start.

Happy Teachers Day!

Lim Hsien Yong (04/2007)


Dear Miss Usha Pillai,

Dear Miss Usha,
A chinese saying goes "one day thy teacher, forever thy father"(u can inquire from Mrs Law on this =p). Indeed, General Paper is an ever changing subject with no fixed boundaries, and engages students in arguments, sometimes with no resolution. It cudgels its prey into fear as it rears its head with each passing day. As such, it is a fortune to have you as my guiding light. Thanks a million for your sense of humor, your opinions, for being personable, for teaching me. Although you're not my father, but "I'll cherish you for always, I'll remember you forever. As long as I'm living, my teacher you'll be".

Cheers Miss Usha!
Happy Teachers Day

Lim Hsien Yong (04/2007)


Dear Ms Aw Lay Hoon,

You still look as young as before. Keep smiling, be happy!
Happy teachers' day!

KW (38/1990)


Dear Ms In Kit Shong,

As my 1st 3 months PD tutor and CL teacher, you are one of the teachers whom I have come to know well. Thank you for the years as my teacher and my colleague. Happy teachers' day!

KW (38/1990)


Dear Mdm Ng Suat Lay, Mrs Maggie Wong, Ms Angeline Cheong, Mdm Jamilah,

Thank you to all for your continued guidance and support. Sometimes, only after graduation do students truly realize the impacts teachers have on their thinking and character : ) You definitely shaped me up to be strong and resilient : )

Love you guys to infinity!!!!

Resma Bte Gulzar Mohd (13/1997)


Dear Mr Lim Kok Wee, Mr Arthur Lim, Mdm Usha, Mrs Wong Foon Mui, Mr Tan Cham Yong, Mr Yip Kim Wah, Mdm Jean Lee,

Dear Teachers, Thank YoU so very much for all that YoU have done for us. We are grateful for all the Care and Concern and Effort that you have selflessly given!

Cai Shu Juan (12/1997)


Dear Mr William Chua, Mr Tan Chin Kah,

Dear Teachers, Thank YoU for all that you have done for us. We are grateful for all the Care, Concern and Effort that YoU have showered on us.

Cai Shu Juan (12/1997)


Dear Ms Ng Puay San,

Hi Ms Ng! Thanks for your past guidance while I was in Council! Even up till now, though I have graduated for 3 years, you never fail to provide me with valuable advice whenever I have problems. I really appreciate all the help that you have given me for the past years! Hope you have a fantastic Teachers' Day and stay happy! :)

Jia Yi (23/2004)


Dear Ms Casey Goh,

Dear Ms Goh,
Thanks for your guidance as my teacher in 2000 - 2001 and as my mentor for the past one year. I have learnt a lot from you and will try my best to inspire the younger generation just like the way you inspired me! Once again, thanks! =)


Junwen (02/2000)


Dear Mr Andy Quek, Ms Bok Teck Kin,

Thanks Ms Bok and Mr Quek for your good guidance during my time in AJC as a student & a colleague.

wee hock guan (20/1991)


Dear Mr Ng Hock Soon,

Dear Mr. Ng, thanks a lotttt for all your care and guidance throughout my council term:)
Is really my pleasure to have you as my teacher mentor and I enjoyed working with you for Paradigma!!
Just want to wish u a happyx1000000 teachers' day!! Hope you will enjoy your days in AJ:)))

angelin (10/2007)


Dear Ms Corrine Zhu,

Dear Ms Zhu,
Just want to wish u Happyx10000 Teachers' Day!!! Want to say a big big thanks to u for all the guidance and care that u have gave us during our council term!! Although I have never work directly under u before, but I know u are a nice and sweet teacher!!! Love u!!:)))

angelin (10/2007)


Dear Ms Genette Koh,

Dear Ms Koh,
Just want to wish u Happyx10000 Teachers' Day!!! Want to say a big big thanks to u for all the guidance and care that u have gave us during our council term especially during O1 and MovyFest 2!! THANK U!!!:)))

angelin (10/2007)


Dear Ms Daphne Tay,

Dear Ms Tay,
Just want to wish u Happyx10000 Teachers' Day!!! Want to say a big big thanks to u for all the guidance and care that u have gave us during our council term especially during O1!! THANK YOU!!:)))

angelin (10/2007)


Dear Ms Ewe Jun Wen,

Dear Ms Ewe,
Just want to wish u Happyx10000 Teachers' Day!!! Want to say a big big thanks to u for all the guidance and care that u have gave us during our council term!! THANK U!!!:)))

angelin (10/2007)


Dear Mrs Chai Chung Mun,

Dear Mrs Chai,
Just want to wish u Happyx10000 Teachers' Day!!! Want to say a big big thanks to u for all the care and love that u have gave us!! Is really our pleasure to have u as our teacher mentor!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!:)))

angelin (10/2007)


Dear Mr William Chua,

MR CHUA!!! Happy Teachers' Day!!!
1007 really love u to the max...and your PE lessons too!!hahaha
Is our pleasure to have u as our PD tutor and THANK U for all the love and care that u have gave us!!
"the idea is there"
~volleyball rocks:)))

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Ms Resma,

Dear Ms Resma!! Wish u have a happyx1000 teachers' day!!! Just want to say a big big thanks for all the guidance and care that u have gave us!! Is our pleasure to have u as our bio tutor and we enjoyed learning bio:)))

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Mrs Kuah Yong Hui,

Dear Mrs Kuah, wish u have a happyx1000 teachers' day!!! Just want to say a big big thanks for all the guidance and care that u have gave us!! Is our pleasure to have u as our chem tutor and we enjoyed learning chem. Don't worry, with DETERMINATION, we will do well in A-level!!:)))

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Mr Andy Quek,

Dear Mr Quek, wish u have a happyx1000 teachers' day!!! Just want to say a big big thanks for all the guidance and care that u have gave us!! Is our pleasure to have u as our math tutor and we enjoyed learning math:)))

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Mdm Woon Siew Fong,

Dear Mdm Woon, wish u have a happyx1000 teachers' day!!! Just want to say a big big thanks for all the guidance and care that u have gave us!! Is our pleasure to have u as our econs tutor and we enjoyed learning econs:)))

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Mr Ivan Ang,

Dear Mr Ang, wish u have a happyx1000 teachers' day!!! Just want to say a big big thanks for all the guidance and care that u have gave us!! Is our pleasure to have u as our gp tutor and we enjoyed learning gp:)))

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Mrs Tay,

Thanks for admitting me into AJ despite I failed my O level English in 1984, 85. You had given me a chance and at last I not only passed my O Level English with B4, also, passed my A Level, even a C6 in GP. Thanks for the chance given!

Albert TAY (07/1987)


Dear Ms Tang,

Thanks for giving me private tuition in English. Without your help, I would not be able to pass with B4 in O Level English and C6 in GP.

Thanks again!

FYI, Ping Poo is my classmate! ;-)

Albert TAY (07/1987)


Dear Mdm Ho, Mr Quek, Ms Ho, Mr Lau, Ms Lim, Ms In,

Happy Teachers' Day to all of you! Thank you for all the things you have done for us =)

Sandra (05/1996)


Dear Mr Phang,

Yo Mr Phang, you're an AWESOME man with a GREAT interest in maths. lol. like duh you're a maths teacher. It has been wonderful to have a teacher like you who tries his level best to push us to achieve our fullest potential! Thank you and have a fabulous Teacher's day! ROCK ON! :j

Malikka The Great (= (11/2007)


Dear Ms Genette Koh,

Yo Miss Koh! You've been an AWESOME GP teacher who never fails to understand the difficulties I face in GP! Thank you for guiding and giving me 2 years of wonderful memories (= I will never forget what you've taught esp the skill to unpack the text!:D You are the best! Stay Cool :j

Malikka The Great (= (11/2007)


Dear mr koh kai hong, ms ma jialin,

Thanks for all your guidance and support. You made tutorials so much more interesting and easy to understand. Happy Teachers' Day! =)

lynnette chiang (24/2007)


Dear ms ang seoy leng,

happy teachers day, ms ang!
we love u!

1908 (19/2008)


Dear Ms Jasmine Lee,

Thank you for being so patient and caring. You r the best chemistry teacher i ever had!!! =)

Grace Tang (19/2008)


Dear Mdm Woon Siew Fong, Mr Loh Chih Hui,

just want to say a big thank you for everything you have done for 32/06! i'm sure you touched each and every one of us in 32/06 in one way or another! HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!! (:

charmine (32/2006)


Dear Ms Sharmini Johnson,

Ms Johnson;

thank you for all the effort you've put in thus far. No words will be able to describe the gratitude, and i want you to know that I appreciate every little effort you put in, everytime you became my friend and listening ear and the care and concern that you showed. :) i love you, and happy teachers' day! <3

-jinghui- 35/08

jinghui (35/2008)


Dear Mr Alex Lee,

Thanks for everything you had done for the badminton team. Enjoy the day that is dedicated to you. HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!

You Long (09/2007)


Dear Miss Vanessa Yiak,

Happy teacher's day!!!

Well wishes for you and thank you for supporting me.
Thank you for being patient with us and on behalf of 19/08 HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY

All the BEST !!!
smile always

goh yuan tat (19/2008)


Dear Hi Mdm Ong,

Thanks for being such a great physics teacher to our very small class of 5. Your clarity in teaching and approchable nature really helped me understand physics better!
Thank you very much!

luv, rachel

Rachel Hoe (30/2007)


Dear Miss Yeo Hui Cheng (PD Tutor + Chemistry Tutor),

thank you for being such an understanding and caring teacher. you really made the lessons that we had with you both interesting and informative (:

Alexandria Tang (14/2007)


Dear Mr Koh Kai Hong,

Hi Mr Koh!! Happy Teachers' Day!! Have a great day ahead! :D

Syed Fathima (14/2007)


Dear Mr Peter Herd,

Hi Mr Herd! Happy Teachers' Day!! You are really a very fun teacher and though we may not mention it, we(1407)love your lessons a lot!! Please continue with your jokes for they brighten up each day!! Cheers!! :D

Syed Fathima (14/2007)


Dear Ms Yeo Hui Cheng,

Hi Miss Yeo!! Happy Teachers' Day!! You are a very kind,nice,sweet and cute teacher! hahaha..We appreciate all the efforts you have taken so far for us! (1407)Thank you so much!! Have a wonderful day and all the best for all your endeavours!! :D

Syed Fathima (14/2007)


Dear Miss Ma Jia Lin,

hEy MiSS Ma,
Happy Teacher's DaY! Whooooooo!!!!
Hahas.. Surprise?! LOL.. You are really a FanTasTic TeaCher man! Really.. Because of your dedications and hardwork, our class's chemistry is able to Reach the TOP in the SCHOOL wor! I really really really Want to GRAB this OPPORTUNITY to say a big THANK YOU, MISS MA! Happy Teacher's Day!

Kendrik Tan (16/2006)


Dear Mr Lau Haw Ping,

Hey Mr Lau!
HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY! Hope you had not forgotton me! Hahas.. HOw's life? Bet is not as good as compared to the time when you were teaching us? JUst joking man! Anw, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to you! Thank you very much, Mr LAu, for what you had done! Without your constant motivations, I wouldn't manage to gt a B for my maths! Still remember i was in the bottom 7% in the whole conhort for maths during prelims! It was you, Mr Lau, that make the difference for me! Enjoy your day! Once again, Happy Teacher's Day!

Kendrik Tan (16/2006)


Dear Mr Terrence Toh,

Yo Mr Toh,
HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY! Hahas.. Still remember me? LOL.. You are really a fun-loving teacher, who is able to make the dreadful Econs to such an interesting subject! Btw, i will be persuing econs in SMU.. Anw, still remember the times when we had our tutorial in 121! It was so much fun back then! Although it was stressful, but the times we had tgt is so memorable! Once again, Thank you very much, Mr Toh! Enjoy your Teacher's Day celebrations!

Kendrik Tan (16/2006)


Dear Mdm Tay, Ms Tan, Ms Koh, Mrs Low, Mr Herd,

Dear teachers, hope you are doing fine right now. =p I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your guidance and help while I was studying in ajc. Once again, happy teachers' day! Do take good care of yourself. =]

siqi (01/2006)


Dear Ms Tay Li May,

Hi Ms Tay, just wanna let u to know that you are a fantastic teacher. Without your guidance and assistance I may not be able to lead the team well. I believe the team truly appreciate you as our teacher-in-charge n on the behalf of the team I would like to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day. =)

Sum De Hui Stanley (25/2007)


Dear All teachers,

Happy Teachers Day!

Ong Sihan (14/2002)


Dear Ms In Kit Shong, Ms Goh Sok Leng, Mrs Chai Chung Mun, Mdm Woon Siew Fong, Ms Abraham, Mr Koh Kai Hong,

Dearest Teacher,

thank so much for your tolerance and patience. Thank you also for your guidance and efforts to make us love learning. : )

In teaching you cannot see the fruit of a day's work. It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years. ~Jacques Barzun

Have a Happy Teachers Day! : )

From your Faithful students,
PDG 26/07 :)

26 / 07 :) (26/2007)


Dear Mr Yip Kim Wah, Mrs Goh, Mrs Maggie Wong, Ms Maggie Quek, Ms Lim Sok Peng, Mrs Magdeline Low,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my teachers. Without them, I would never have achieved what I have today. They have been a good source of encouragement and inspiration. Their words of wisdom and care pulls me through tough times. I admire their hard work and relentless effort in staying late in school without complaints, just to ensure that their students understand even the simplest concepts. From the bottom of my heart, I hope that dear 02/06 teachers will work hard and play hard. While work is important, do remember to take good care of your health and enjoy life when appropriate. On the last note, all the best for your future endeavours. ;)

Randal Yong (02/2006)


Dear Mr Mohan, Ms Daljit, Ms Joy Tan, Ms Goh (Maths), Ms Wendy Koh,

Dear Teachers,

Your kind help and care through my two years of JC life has been remembered and appreciated. Once again, Happy Teachers' Day! May you continue to touch lifes. :)

Katie (Yue Ni) (28/2004)


Dear Ms Daljit Kaur,

It's been years since I last dedicated a Teachers' Day message to you, and I hope it is not too late!

Yvonne Wong (35/1993)


Dear Ms Maggie Quek,

Dearest Miss Quek~

Thanks for pulling us through the grueling 'A'lvls with all ur patience and kindness. You made our 2 years really worthwhile and thank you again for bearing with all our nonsense back then =p

Wishing you the best,
ur favorite 40/05

40/05 (40/2005)


Dear Mr Yong,

Words probably wont do justice to the heartfelt thank-you that I will like to say to you. I remember the struggle I had with math during year one and after the promotional exams, I asked myself how was I going to improve from an S to A in just a mere 8 months when I take my 'A' level exams. I almost lost hope and confidence in the subject which I loved most until you came along;to extend the helping hand to rescue me from the bottom of the 'sea'. Infinite thank you to my beloved teacher who is always patient and encouraging, believing in each and every one of us; that we each have the ability to excel. Everyone is moving on to the next milestone in life but I know we will never forget you! Thank you, Mr Yong!! =]

Aileen Lim (14/2006)


Dear Mr. Sng Peng Poo, Ms. Soh Swee Keng,

Mr. Sng,

You've been a really hardworking teacher during the time that I was in your class; it gave me all the inspiration to learn physics! If there was a phrase to describe you, it would be, "The body may tire, but the mind forever pushes on." Happy Teacher's Day Mr. Sng, and may the smiles on all our faces be the drive for you to excel in whatever you do.

Ms Soh!

Thanks for always adding that extra flair to your lessons! It was a thrilling two year journey with you, and I'll never forget the times you spurred the class with your cheeriness, and refined us at the same time with your reprimanding. May you be a happy teacher, and a happy mother too!

Ashley Koh (03/2005)


Dear Ms Casey Goh,

Ms Casey Goh is the most caring and generous teacher I've ever known. She is wise and calm and very understanding. Thank you for remembering me all these while.

Diana (28/2004)


Dear Mdm Khoo,

Happy Teacher's Day dearest Mdm Khoo! Your guidance and patience has always motivated me to work hard despite facing hardships and now, Im in NUS!

THANK YOU for everything (: I hope you will always remember us 14/06 girls!

Take Care and u're the best PD tutor!

Farah Hasinah (14/2006)


Dear Mdm Jamilah,


Thank you for all the opportunities and guidance you have provided for me during my service for MLDDS in AJ. It has truly opened my mind and made me a better person.

Thank you for also helping me with my university application! It is truly appreciated and I promise u that i will continue to work hard and make you proud.

Happy Teacher's Day Cikgu! (:

Farah Hasinah (14/2006)


Dear Mr. Eugene Ng,

Happy Teachers' Day 2008!! You deserve to enjoy this special day dedicated to all of you great mentors..=)

Mei Xuan & James (04/2006)


Dear Mdm Ong Ah Ngor,

Dear Mdm Ong, your Maths Rep here!
(Hahaz if you do remember me..)
Just want to wish you a Happy Teachers' Day!! Thankyou for inspiring me to do well..=) Take Care!!
(Do let me know if you have seen this!)

Lee Mei Xuan (0406 Maths Rep) (04/2006)


Dear Mr Ong Chin Meng, Ms Bok Tek Kin, Mr. Andy Quek, Madam Jean Lee, Mr. Neo Chai Seng,

Wish my beloved teachers who have mentored class 0105 a relaxing and enjoyable day. you have tought me so much and I have to say I owe what I am holding in my hands to all of you. Your teachings and invaluable guidance light up my world and also that of my fellow classmates'. Once again, thanks for being a part and parcel of my life and I, on behalf of class 0105, wish you all a very Happy Teachers' Day!"

Zheng YuanHang (01/2005)


Dear Ms Joy Tan, Mdm Khoo, Mr Hong, MsYak, Mrs Juliet Yim,

I would like to take this opportunity to show my appreciation for all the efforts they have put in to groom me to what I am today. A big thank you to all of you and all the best endeavous to you all.

Ian Loke (09/2006)


Dear Mr Eugene Ng,

Dearest Mr Ng,
although you were our pdg tutor for only less than three months, you were always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that our doubts were clarified and obstacles cleared so we could achieve better results. We thank you for the effort put in when we were in school as well as advices you gave after we have graduated. Don't worry, we won't let you down!(:

Huang FangQing and Ng Huimin (14/2006)


Dear Mdm Khoo Wan Ching,

Dearest Mdm Khoo,
from just a chemistry tutor, you became our pdg tutor when we were in j2, which made us really thankful. You were there to encourage and motivate us regardless of our irresponsiveness and poor results, cheered us up and lightened our burden with your jokes and hilarious expressions and actions. With you around, our spirits were lifted each day and hence eased our path towards the A's. Thank you, HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!

Huang FangQing and Ng Huimin (14/2006)


Dear Mdm Woon,

Dear Mdm Woon,

I hear from my ex-students that you are still teaching Economics... Just want to say thank you again for helping me pass my Econs. I remember you telling me, "Petrina, as long as you do your TYS, you will definitely get a 'C'." Confession is that I didn't finish doing my TYS.. so that C that I got must have been because of your teaching in class...Thank you for bearing with me.

Petrina Kang (34/1993)


Dear Mr Goh Kunli,

Dear Mr Goh,
First of all, a very happy teacher's day to you! ^_^. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher in any possible aspects. Though you have taught us for hardly two years, you have bought for us happiness and cheerfulness. I have entered the National University of Singapore (NUS), Business Faculty. Everything was still quite fine. I guess I’m just going through what you have just experienced a few years ago. Hopefully I could be as great as you. =) Most important of all, I am grateful to you as this place in NUS is not obtained by myself but an endless and intangible efforts put in by you Mr Goh. Everything you have done just couldn’t be expressed in words. Thanks for your guidance. I hope to treat you a meal but at the same time I understand that u have a busy schedule. Do let me know when you are available so I could meet up with you and give u a treat to express my gratitude.

Yours sincerely,
Chng Shiau Luan.

Chng Shiau Luan (11/2006)


Dear Mrs Chai Chung Mun; Mr Neo Chai Seng; Mr Tan Chin Kah; Mr Clement Cheng; Mr Clement Ong; Mr Hong Lee Kiat,

greetings all the way from sydney. I am well here and really happy with my course. Doing well too haha...

thanks for all the hard work that you have put in on me. And thanks for making me who i am now. I am really really grateful.

Hope that all is well and happy teachers day once again

Andrew Dermawan (14/o5)

Andrew Dermawan (14/2005)


Dear Mr Lim Kok Wee,

Mr Lim, you made PE seems so fun for the TAF people! You're always so encouraging and kind to us! Many thanks for your teaching and guidance! You're a great and caring teacher!

Jun Hui (03/2006)


Dear Mdm Tan Lee Fang,


首先,祝你有个快乐的教师节!!谢谢你无私的照顾和不离不弃的鼓励着我。即使我是班上最后一位同学,你也没有看不起我或放弃我。不仅如此,你还愿意在A'level 要来临的时候给了我一叠优秀的作品,希望能给我带来一些帮助。陈老师,其实您如此的支持真的给我带来了很大的安慰,简直是让我继续努力的推动力。当我一知道我的GSC 拿了 A 的时候,简直不敢相信。从没想到一个连及格都需要下功夫的学生会拿到一个A 。要不是有着一个那么伟大和无私奉献的陈老师在我的背后推动着我,鼓励着我,我无法想象我的成绩会是这样的一塌糊涂。我现在正在国大就读生意(NUS Business Faculty),希望能像陈老师一样优秀。^_^.此时此刻,我对你的感激是用言语所无法表达的(更何况我的华文水准有限,哈哈哈哈!见笑了。)在此,我希望能请陈老师吃一顿,同时也能以老师叙叙旧。我了解陈老师的时间繁忙,所以希望老师能通知我您何时有时间,好让我能表达我对您的感激。最后,再次祝您老师节快乐!!!

Chng Shiau Luan (06/2006)


Dear All the 08/06 Teachers & AJE Teachers,

AJ life wouldn't be that meaningful and fulfuilling without your dedication and endless love. We are proud to have you in our classes and CCAs. Thank you so much & Happy Teachers' Day!!!

Lim Xin Xuan (08/2006)


Dear Ms Ang Soey Leng,

You have been a dedicated tutor in my ajc life. I thank you for the care you have shown and the attention you have given me throughout my two years under your wings. Your greatness is fully appreciated. Now, on this special day for teachers, I would like to wish you all the best for your career in education!

Tan Teck Hao (05/2005)


Dear Mr Lim Kok Wee,

A real teacher, you are beyond classroom, beyond words...

A real gentlemen, you are beyond character, beyond attitude...

A real success, you are an educator of life. Thank you for all your invaluable lessons on life. Those that you have imparted has carried me thus far in life after jc and I will no doubt continue to benefit from them, for I hold every of them so dearly. Happy teachers' day sir!

Tan Teck Hao (05/2005)


Dear mr yong (maths) & mdn tan bee lien (chinese),

happy teachers' day!!!!!!!!!! great to be your student in ajc....... enjoy :)

yanling (36/2005)


Dear Mr Paul Tham,Ms Florence Lee,Ms Winnie Tan,

Dear Teachers,


Debbie (23/2004)


Dear Mr Arizhagan Manicam Ms Tan Huay Lian Ms Tan Loke Huang Mr Alvin Yeoung Ms Cai Ming Fang Ms Chan Lei Ling,


Lau Can Xiong (16/2008)


Dear Ms Ng Puay San,

Happy Teachers' Day, Ms Ng! Thanks for your guidance throughout the 2 years. You have been both a great PD tutor as well as econs tutor! You deserve a good rest on this day. Once again, Happy Teachers' Day! (:

Ng Mei Ying (37/2005)


Dear Mdm Han Mui Eng,

Hi Mdm Han!!! Here's wishing you on behalf of 35/06 a very HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!! You have been a great inspiration so enjoy your special day!

Chia Pei Wen Jamie (35/2006)


Dear Ms Sabariah,

Ms Sabariah, it's me once again! You are one teacher that I will not forget! Though I've not been back to visit you for quite awhile, I would still like you to know that you are a teacher that I think of from time to time and you've definitely made a difference in my life! Thanks for everything, Ms Sab!

Wendy (26/2004)


Dear Mr Eugene Ng,

Mr Ng,

You're a really great teacher! Thankyou for all that you have done for our class (you must have spent alot of time on your organic chem guide for us) and everything that you have taught us. Wish you all the best!

Yours sincerely,
James Koh

James Koh (04/2006)


Dear Ms Chan,

Thanks for all the help so far! It meant alot to me and am eternally grateful!
Helping 0604 make this dedication too cause I think we are the only class that have not appeared on ur cards list. (:

yc (06/2004)



Hi Mrs Soon!

How have you been? Thanks for all the help you have given me to help me pass through my "A" levels successful. My results couldn't have been possible if not for your kindness. So all the best to you and all the teachers!

Wong Qiu Xuan (37/2006)


Dear Mr Goh Kunli,

aloha Mr Goh!
Haha, how are you? HMM basically just to wish you a very happy teacher's day. hope everything goes well on ur way. im currently at NTU hostel now typing this. haha! yea, hope you will continue to impart your great chemistry skills and enlighten students like me (real dumb in the past) (: HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!
18/08/08 8.04PM sze hui

SZE HUI (31/2006)


Dear Ms Ma Jia Lin, Ms Faith Ng, Mrs Goh Lay Hon, Mdm Wong,

Hello dear teachers, thanx so much for your efforts in teaching us during those period of time. Although we are not in AJ anymore, we will always remember e time we spent tgt.=) Happy teachers' Day!

An Qinglin (07/2006)


Dear Hello Marcho Miss Cai of 02/08,

You have come as a surprise and a huge wave that has swept everything, changing our class up-side-down. Despite the scare you gave us, especially me, at first, I think you have come for the better in our class, indeed. Thank you, saviour! You rox. Don't know why we are just entitled to being under PE-teachers, but this PE-teacher named Miss Cai is one who is absolutely fierce, caring, funny and monkey at the same time, LoL! Please continue to be our great and loving PDTutor for the rest of our stay together in AJC. Yours sincerely, HANDSOME THIVA, LoL, see you again next year if I make it through the Promotional Examinations, ok!! Jia You.



Dear Mrs Goh Lay Hoon, Ms Sabariah, Mdm Ong Kwee Hoon,

Dearest dearest Teachers!!

You have forever impacted my life though you may not feel it,
you have helped me in many ways though you may not know it,
you have made me a better person though you have not seen it.

You are wonderful to me and I just want to say THANK YOU for the difference you have made to me.

I will remember you in my future years when I become successful, do expect a call from me 8 years down the road. But for now i just want to wish you, a plesant year ahead, and lots of joy with your family.

God bless.

Wileen Siow (15/2006)


Dear Mr Lau Haw Ping,

Been a long time since I last met him. I should be coming down this year. I couldm't make it the last two years because of NS commitment. Mr Lau is a very uniquely inspiring teacher. He doesn't use derogatory terms on the weaker students; he just gives them more attention. He does not need to shout at us to make us improve. He struck us with awe with his silent and admirable perserverence in his pursuit to impart his knowledge to us. Though friendly and approachable, sadly during my time in AJC, i have rarely, if not never, heard a single dedication to him. I would like to thank him for instilling in me the fundamentals of calculus, statistics and approximation using Newton's methods which are of great help in first year NUS mathematics modules. Lastly I would like to tell him that even though I may not be able to meet him or even remember how to spell his name correctly, I will always remember that he was once my alter mater. He has helped me greatly and I will never forget him. If in future should he be of need of help, I wish to tell him that I will be there for him to call upon for assistance. Thank you Mr Lau for everything you have done for me, and I wish you a very happy teachers' day.

Foo Wei Jian (04/2004)


Dear ALL AJC teachers,

Happy Teacher's Day. Thank you for the guidance during the 2 yrs.. .. Hope you enjoy this special day..

Wallace Tan Wei haur (30/2007)


Dear Mr Yip Kim Wah,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Sng Peng Poo (07/1986)


Dear Miss Casey Goh,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Sng Peng Poo (07/1986)


Dear Ms Susan Leong, Vice-principals, Ms Vanessa Yiak and Mr Terrence Toh,

The Ajchoir batch 06/07 would like to take this opportunity to send out our heartfelt thanks to the school, Ms Leong, Vice-principals and all our tutors for their continuous support. Moreover, we would like to send a special shout out to our then teachers in charge for all their love and guidance they’ve showered on us. Thank you :)

Ajchoir 06/07 batch (18/2006)


Dear ALL teachers who taught 19/06,

Thank you so much for your undying faith you have in us amd your great patience!Happy Teachers' Day

lijie (19/2006)


Dear Miss Cai Ming Fang,

Hi Miss Cai ! HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY !! Thanks for your patience and understanding....And all the best to you !

wen xin (08/2008)


Dear Ms Dione Ng,

Hi Miss Ng,

Happy Teacher's Day !! Thanks for always being so patient and caring to us.....wishing you all the best....

wen xin (08/2008)


Dear Mr Veera and Mr Mohan,

Yo Mr Veera and Mr Mohan!
Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you so much for your constant guidance for the past two years! These two years in TLDDS has given me great memories which i will walk away with in 8 weeks time and thank you both for being part of it! Awesome teachers that AJ TLDDS is fortunate to have! ROCK ON! =D Much loved <3

Malikka Begum (11/2007)


Dear Ms Valerie Chan,

Ms Chan, thanks for your dedication towards KI! Indeed, you have expanded our knowledge (based on JTB) to greater heights! (sounds like the school song) =)May you have a blessed teacher's day!

Zhe Chaw.

Zhe Chaw (08/2008)


Dear Ms Cai MingFang, Ms Faith Ng, Mr Alvin Yeong, Mr Hong Lee Kiat, Mr Clement Cheng,

Hello dear teachers!
Just wanna thankyou for your undying efforts during my stay in AJ. It's been wonderful to have you as my tutors. Sorry for all the trouble i've given u all. Im doing fine in my new school now. Hope you're enjoying yourselves with the new batch of people!:D
God bless & Happy Teachers' Day 2008!!
Cheers~~ xD

yvonne (27/2006)


Dear Ms. Tan Huay Lian, Ms. Maggie Quek,

Hello! Thank you very much for being such great teachers and for being part of my wonderful AJ memory! Happy Teachers' Day! :)

Chan Huazhi (21/2006)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin, Mr Clement Cheng, Miss Ng Ling Nee, Mrs Goh Lay Hoon,

We would like to thank our beloved teachers for the care and concern and guidance and patience they have shown to us over the two years of our JC life. =) Not only have you imparted to us your knowledge but you've also touched our hearts with your support throughout the tough examination period. Despite us not behaving ourselves in class, not handing in assignments on time (only occasionally!), not paying attention, you've continued to keep faith in us and spent your spare time giving us consultations after school. Without our teachers, we wouldn't have gotten our good results! Thank you, teachers! =)

Chan Jia Hao, Su Han Inn (07/2006)


Dear Ms Maggie Quek,


Long time since i last pay you a visitm wonder how you are? (:

you must be surprised that i sent you a dedication right?

anyway, happy teacher's day! have lots of fun! (:

Yuxuan (20/2005)


Dear Mr Peter Herd,

Mr Herd! I hope my favourite Aussie teacher is doing very well back in AJ. Anyway I am doing very well myself in the Police Force and im currently a writer for the monthly Police Life magazine. No doubt i will pass a copy to you when the next issue (my first one) comes into print. And there\'s definitely no doubt i miss AJ and your GP lessons, fair dinkum, sir. Hope we can meet up again, and if i cant be in AJ in person on 1 Sept, heres wishing a Happy Teachers Day to you, Mr Herd =)

Seow Buan Chuan Earnest (01/2006)


Dear Mr. Sanuse,

Dear Mr. Sanuse
Ahmad here. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the advice you have given. No doubt those advice are extremely useful to our school life.You have been an excellent PD tutor to us and that is an incontrovertible truth! May you succeed in achieving your Masters.
Happy Teacher's Day!!!

Yours sincerely
Ahmad Bukhari

Ahmad Bukhari (12/2007)


Dear To all the teachers who have taught me,

Dear Teachers,

it's been a long time since...

I've heard your naggings,
I've seen you write mathematical equations and chemical bonds,
You've corrected my English,
You've gave us group activity for CME,
You've led us for PE...

But, without these, I will not be who I am now...

I will always remember ur teachings!

Thankyou teachers!


You Kailun (03/2003)


Dear Mdm Woon Siew Fong, Mr Loh Chih Hui, Ms Lim Sok Peng, Miss Valerie Chan,

Er... technically, this isn't late since Teachers' Day is supposed to be on the 1st of September. Yes. Oh what the heck, I've always pushed deadlines anyway. So...

To Mdm Woon,
Thank you so much for putting in all that effort in teaching us. To be frank, I kinda found you really scary at the beginning of the year, but it got much better as the year went on, and your really clear and in-depth explanations definitely strengthened our foundations in econs. Sadly, I really doubt econs is something I will ever voluntarily choose to take further studies in, but it was a good experience nonetheless =D

Mr Loh,
Thanks also for all that hard work. I know it can't have been very fun trying to beat history skills into the head of someone who for some reason or other just didn't 'get it'. Fortunately I did, at the last, finally 'get it' somewhat, due in no small part to those final, squeezed-in consultations with you. I only wish I'd been able to justify all the work you put in by coming through with an 'A'. All the best with wherever it is you're going next.

Ms Lim,
Heh, all I can say is: sorry once again for all that grief I as part of an *ahem* somewhat difficult trio no doubt gave you. Apologies also for whatever damage to your eyesight I might have caused you. And thanks for your patience (especially in hunting me down for assignments XD)

Miss Chan,
Lookie, lookie, I spelled your name right! XD Anyway, what can I say. Thanks for your patience with me when we were in debates. You never taught me, but you still struck me as one of the coolest, quirkiest and (haha) snarkiest teachers in the school. And I've said it before, but now I've actually gatecrashed enough of your classes to be able to say that I'd have loved to have been taught by you. See you around!

Jess Wong (32/2006)


Dear Mdm Woon S F, Mrs Soon C M, Ms Tan L H, Mrs. Kuah Y H & Ms Pillai,

Thankyou for your guidance and the patience you've shown me for my 2 years stay in AJC. You've transformed my self-doubts in academic achievements into confidence, allowing me to achieve greater breakthroughs in this aspect. I really cherished the times i had in AJC. Those were wonderful memories, not only for me but also for the rest of the class of 2205!

Ming Hui (22/2005)


Dear Ms Sabariah,

Thanks millions for your encouragement during my J2 GP 'drought'. You have been, and will continue to be, an inspiration to me. (I can say that probably everyone you taught will say the same. :P ) You will probably be pleased to know that many of the skills you taught me are now of great relevance and help in my course. Thank you very much for everything!


Josiah (15/2006)


Dear Mr Terrence Toh,

Dear Mr Toh,

Thanks for coaching us in Econs. I really benefited from the way you taught us Econs - to think and answer properly. The things you taught were very useful indeed. Anyway, I guess I won't say goodbye yet since I'll be seeing you for the next 5 years in choir. :P Take care! And do pursue your true dreams... sometimes following our heart is the best way to go. :)


Josiah (15/2006)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui, Ms Nur Sabariah, Mr. Clement Ong, Ms Usha Pillai,

Dear Teachers,
Thank you for your kind concern, encouragement and patience with my classmates and me. Inspired by your dedications to us, at least two of us in the class are in teaching line too. =P Wishing you good health and happy teacher's day!

Peidi (09/2001)


Dear Ms Ma JL, Ms Tan LH, Mr Lau HP, Mr Toh CP,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thanks for bringing fun and laughter to class to enable lessons to be so lively. Although we may no longer be in AJ, we will still remember all the teachings and words of wisdom that YOU have passed to us.

Kenneth (16/2006)


Dear Ms Angeline Cheong, Mr Tan Chin Kah, Mr Jason Tan,

Thank you for the guidance that you have given us.

Though some of you are no longer teaching in AJC, we have kept in contact.

Take care and lots of student love,
Jerry Tai
Ker Xing

Jerry Tai & Ker Xing (10/1997)