Teachers' Day Dedication 2009

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Mdm Ong Ah Ngor,

As long as you are still teaching, I'll wish you Happy Teachers' Day!
Thanks for being my Maths teacher!

From: Lee Mei Xuan
Maths Rep. of 04/06
Hope you still remember me!

Lee Mei Xuan (04/2006)


Dear Madam Jean Lee; Mr Phang Wei Cheng,

Happy teachers' day! Thanks for all the help that you've given me during the 2 years in AJC. =)
Will come back and visit you if I got the time! =D

Ow-Yang Zhi Jun (11/2007)


Dear Miss Ang Soey Leng,

Happy teachers' Day! Thank you for for all the things you've taught me, both in GP and in life. I've learnt a lot from you and will never forget what you said. =) Take care!

Li Minghui Samuel (04/2003)


Dear Ms Yeo Hui Cheng, Ms Resma, Ms Lee Lin Ying, Mr Sng Peng Poo, Ms Charlotte Chua,

Thank you dear teachers who have given me great insight to the compassionate minds behind each of you, which has driven me to want to pass it on to the next generation of students. Thank you all for the care and concern that I received from all of you. Thank you for your big hearts to tolerate my childish actions back when I was in school. And most of all, thank you all for being such wonderful persons that I learnt not only academic related knowledge, but also for teaching me how to be a better person. Whether you all know it or not, all of you have played a great part in my life. Thank you!

Law Chong Hui (12/2005)


Dear Mrs Maggie Wong, Ms Valerie Chan, Ms In Kit Shong ,

Time flies, all the guys in 20/04 are in uni while most of the gals have completed.
As, Teacher's day is here again, I wish all of you a happy teacher's day.
Best Wishes :)

Kent Teo (20/2004)




30/06 (30/2006)


Dear Mdm Carolyn Ng,

Dear Mdm Ng,

Thanks for being my history tutor during my dark days before A levels. If not for your guidance and help, I'd never have been able to enter university. You are the one who made all the difference.

I can only hope that you will impart all your knowledge to as many students possible every single year. Kudos for being such a caring and smart teacher!


Ng Junxiang (32/1999)


Dear Teachers who have groomed me one way or another,

Though some of you are no longer in AJ, but still, I wanna use this special occasion and say my thanks to you. U have helped me a lot during my days in AJ, and I look forward to the many glorious years AJC is gotta have with you all around. Thanks a lot teachers! =)

Foo Peow Ee (07/2005)


Dear Mrs Lim (Ms Leow), Ms Koh, Mr Chan, Ms Daljit, Mrs Ong and Mrs Wong,

Happy Teachers' Day!

I have learnt much from all of you.

Mrs Lim (Ms Leow): I have learnt much bio that I still remember but mostly, you have inspired me to become a much better person that I thought I could ever be.

Ms Koh: I'm a CHEM major, all thanks to your passion in teaching, I have gone on to take chemistry as my major and I'm really enjoying it. P.S. I'm doing asymmetrical organic synthesis research in my professor's lab now.

Mr Chan: Your physics lessons never fail to educate as well as entertain. I have learnt much about how to teach from you. And that made me lots of friends among my students when I did relief teaching. That is what I'll always treasure.

Ms Daljit: You taught me that the world holds much more knowledge and treasure beyond what we can see in our textbooks. I have learnt much about being a logical thinker, a good debater and mostly a concerned and empathetic person to see beyond our little comfort zone bubbles.

Mrs Ong and Mrs Wong: I have received much guidance and support from the both of you that allowed me to explore and develop my love for research. Without the both of you, I would probably still be a typical lost university student who does not know what he/she wants to do after graduation. I'll always be grateful for the research experience that the both of you have been instrumental in providing me with.

That said, I would like to wish all my teachers a HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY again.

With Best Regards and Greatest Gratitude

Adrian Koh (09/2004)


Dear Ms In, Mr Ong, Ms Yeo, Mrs Ng, Mr Phang, Ms Lee ,

I just want to say ... Thank You. :)

WoonYeow (24/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jia Lin,

Happy teacher's Day !
Ms Ma, you are the best teacher that i have ever met in AJ although i only being here for less than 1 year .
You teach us with your whole heart and everyone of us in the class really felt sad when you said you might not teach us for a period of time then. I gain more understanding for every topic in Chemistry because of you, you are the best Chemistry teacher in AJ ~! ^^
Our class is not an easy class to deal with , but you always have a way to capture our attention and encourage us when we do not score well.
Ms. Ma you are the best ~! =D

Wong Hui Yi (30/2009)


Dear Teachers of 25/09,

A Blessed Teachers' Day!

I am truly blessed I am to be under your care and guidance. Although I have only been in AJC for half a year, the knowledge I have gained and the skills I have learnt have been invaluable.

It has been a joy to learn from all of you. I feel fortunate to be in your classes ^^

I wish you all a wonderful and meaningful Teachers' Day!

Cheong Qi Xun Benedict (25/2009)


Dear Mrs Ong Yee Ling,

I want to thank you for always showing care and concern for my welfare as well as how I am coping. Your gestures are not only restricted within CCA affairs and you will always give me a bright smile whenever I walk pass. It never fails to brighten my day. (: Besides being a caring teacher, you are also a mentor to our research group, giving us invaluable advice on scientific knowledge and presentation skills. Our group will not have done it without you. Thank you Mrs Ong and Happy Teachers' Day!

Janice Tang Si Jia (07/2008)


Dear Ms Pillai,

Hi, Ms Pillai. I think that you have been putting a lot of effort to our class and i would like to compliment you on the sacrifices that you had made for us. Thank you so much and i wish that you will continue to do better :)

Tan Yen Teng (03/2009)


Dear Miss Soh Swee Keng,

I sincerely thank you for your tireless dedication and commitment to the band. You must know that you're a motherly figure that we all look up to and I am honoured to be your student in band and class. The nitty gritty details that you always insist to be well taken care of never fail to show how thoughtful and caring a mentor you are.

May your passion for the joy teaching continue to burning so brightly,
Take care and stay happy always! :)

<3 With warmest and heartfelt regards,

Jonathan Foo (20/2009)


Dear Mdm Tay Li May,

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for taking care of us and being by our sides whenever we had problems!

Wen Xin (30/2009)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee, Mrs Helen Chong, Ms Casey Goh, Mr Woo Chan Keong,

Happy Teachers Day!

Thanks so much for helping and guiding me.

I will not forget you all wherever I go :)

Ee Kent

Lew Ee Kent (18/2005)


Dear Mr Chew, Mr Ng, Ms Quek, Ms Ewe, Mr Bell,

Dear teachers,

Thank you so much for the time and effort spent on teaching me. The success that I have today are also the fruits of your labour. I will always be grateful to all of you for your love for me. Thank you and happy teacher's day!

Sheryl Chia

Sheryl Chia (07/2007)


Dear Mr Lee Hay Beng,

Dear Mr Lee,

Thank you for being so supportive of RCHN. Even though Red Cross is just a new CCA in AJ, you have shown your unwavering support throughout the past 3 years and this really touches my heart. You are a teacher with a heart of gold and truly have displayed the true meaning of humanitarian. Let this teacher's day be the day that we show our gratitute to you for all you have done. Thank you.

Sheryl Chia (07/2007)


Dear Mrs Sudhir,

Thank you for being my GP tutor in J2 :)
Your guidance had boosted my confidence in presenting work in class and writing essays, thus enabling me to achieve much improved GP grade during the 'A's.
Thank you very much and i hereby wish you a Happy Teachers' Day! :D

Tan Tian Rong (34/2007)


Dear Mr Guru,

Dearest Mr Guru,

Thank you for being such a dedicated and committed educator, for your care and guidance in teaching the class of 38/07. We hope that you will always stay passionate about teaching and all the best for all your future endeavours!
Try not to stress yourself too much, take care and Happy Teachers Day (:

Florence, on behalf of 38/07! (38/2007)


Dear Ms Faith Ng, Ms Yeo HC, Mr Kumar, Mdm Woon SF, Ms Daljit Kuar &amp; Mr Phang WC,


Happy Teachers' Day!!! :D

Class of (09/2009)


Dear Mr Ganesan,

Dear mr ganesan,
it has been very long since i have come back to school. my apologies but i will always remember ajc for the good times i have had and you have been a great part of that. Thank you for all the guidance and help throughout my 2 years. You have made my time at ajc a happy and memorious one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! Iniya Asiriyar Thina Vazhthukal..

Manju Manoharan (30/2005)


Dear Mr Mohan,

Dear Mr Mohan,
Happy Teachers' Day!!! Having you as part of my life in AJC has been a delighted time. You have been a great guidance and a constant pillar of support through the hard times i have had during Agni. thankyou for trusting in me and giving me confidence whenever things did not seem to be working out.. Happy Teachers' Day once again..

Manju Manoharan (30/2005)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,Mr Duncan Ang,Ms Maggie Quek,Ms Naomi Abraham,Ms Ewe Junwen,

Thank you teachers for what you had done for me. Happy teachers' day!

Kung Wai Sin (13/2007)


Dear Miss Siau Fong Fui,

Thanks Miss Siau.

I will always remember the freedom you gave us and the environment which allowed us to develop and grow. The fond memories of the 18th student council will always remain in our hearts.

fenghong from 18th students' council

Chia Fenghong (20/2001)


Dear Ms Yeo Hui Cheng,

& your guidance too!!! :)

We really appreciate it a lot! (We're also sorry!)
09/09 will jiayou together to be better too, haha! :D

Oh and I really enjoy Sports Club :D

Have a Happy Teachers' Day! :D

Xinyun (09/2009)


Dear Mdm Ong,

Special thanks to Mdm Ong for your guidance and dedication....

Liat (22/1997)


Dear Ms Charlotte Chua, Mr Terrence Toh, Ms Corrine Zhu, Ms Tan Huay Lian, Ms Siau Fong Fui, Mr Lionel Chan, Mr Andy Quek,

To Ms Charlotte Chua
Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you for showing so much care and concern in my personal life and decisions. And also, to our class although we often do not perform up to expectation. Your oh-so-motherly ways have made an impact in my life and character. And my lesson time, an absolutely enjoyable one! Also, i will not forget the pride you have in CO and your CO 'kids'. I will surely miss you as my tutor after i graduate. Especially your naggings!

To Mr Terrence Toh
I've thanked you so much, it's becoming a bore! Still, i gotta thank you cus it's my last year and yours too. You are one of the people i will never forget. Thanks for being such a fantastic teacher, conductor, always being a role model for the choir, always making the effort guiding your 'children' in seeing the true meaning of being a chorister in a family we call AJ choir. Thank you for the willingness to take up that difficult and important role in moulding our AJ choir family..so much such that we often see that attachment take the toll on you. Also, thank you for overseeing my personal development, this i cannot thank you enough. (yes, it's becoming so boring!) Also, I think you should try be a juggler, since you can juggle so well..ha ha. Forever our role model! Rest assured I'm trying my best so i will not let you down. Hopefully next year it'll be my turn whacking you with that piece of paper! Happy Teacher's Day!

To Ms Corrine Zhu,
Happy Teacher's Day! Thanks for being such an accomodating and understanding teacher, always making the 200% effort to answer all our questions, no matter how occupied you may be. Very grateful and glad to have you as one of my tutors. You are one of the teachers that have made me seriously consider teaching as a career. Your infectious smile, laughter, and ultra-lameness in lectures and tutorials has made my stay in AJ a memorable one!

To Ms Tan Huay Lian,
Thank you for being our SUPER math teacher! always explaining things to us in such a clear and professional way during tutorials. When you lecture or when you display guidance over other teachers during lecture time, it makes me so proud having as my math tutor. Your funny and practical ways have made every minute of our tutorial enjoyable and productive as well. We really couldn't and wouldn't have asked for more.

To Mr Adrian Bell,
Happy Teacher's Day! Mr Bell has made us see GP in a new light! Thank you for being a different teacher - never putting us down and making all our perspectives valid. Thank you for always encouraging us, no matter how lousy our answers may be, and telling us how it should be right after that. Tutorial is often intensive yet very fun with you and your jokes on..hmghmm!

To Ms Siau Fong Fui
Firstly, thank you for sharing your valuable experiences and insights with me on both years of my AB Camp. More importantly, thank you making the extra mile in Student Affairs. I will forever be amazed on how you seem to remember so many things, down to when i tell you which class number, you know the PD tutor in-charge right away. and also the details of my activities in NYAA - it showed me how much you do care about us. It's such a wonder you've seem to manage to know me so well although you've never taught me and i don't usually have time to share much with you! Thank you for the concern you always have in my life in AJC. And always letting us students know that there's someone who can listen and help us out there in almost everything.

To Lionel,
Thanks for being such a friend to us! And especially for the OCIP trip, your as-usual wonderful insights. You are one of the teachers that have made me grown inside. Will never forget your big laughter as well! Thanks for constantly reminding us that there is a pair of listening ears out there.

To Mr Quek,
Thank you keeping a keen eye on our progress and for the ongoing spirit you have in AJ choir. And all the effort you have made for the benefit of the choir and other performing groups. That video was a complete success and we loved it! The performing groups wouldn't have done so well this year without all the other teachers-in-charge and you.

Lim Swee Hao (06/2008)


Dear Mdm Ng Suat Lay,

You are one teacher who has a teaching style I reminisce fondly till today, very approachable and passionate about the subject you teach.

Raymond Koh (22/2003)


Dear Ms Yeo Hui Cheng, Ms Lee Lin Yin, Mr Sng Peng Poo, Mdm Charlotte Chua,

Dear Teachers,

Thank you for your great patience and understanding when you had me as a student. For the kindness you have shown me, I will pass it on to my own students in future. You all have been a great help, showing me the nobleness of being an educator, and shaping my desire to want to follow after all of you.

Though I hardly visit, know that all of you are on my heart and I sincerely thank all of you for the help and care that was given to me. Happy Teachers' Day! =)

Law Chong Hui (12/2005)


Dear Mr William Chua,

MR CHUA!!! It is your elite class here! We wish you a very very happy teachers' day this year!
and we want to thank you for all the cares and concerns for the past 2 years in AJ! It was our pleasures to have you as our PD tutor!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! We <3 You! :)

1007 (10/2007)


Dear Mr Wee, Ms Choy, Mdm Ong, Mr Lim,

A million thanks for the teachers who had played a part or another in nurturing who I am today. Without Mr Wee, I wouldn't know that whatever my results could be, I could still be able to do what I want. Thanks for Ms Choy for not giving up on me even when I didn't do well for the subject she's teaching. Mdm Ong who never failed to answer my physics questions during consultation and Mr Lim for believing that I would do well for Chemistry.

Thank You, Teachers.

Li Ziyi (03/2007)


Dear Ms Cai, Ms Ng, Mr Yeong, Mr Hong and Mr Cheng,

Hello teachers!
A year has passed since we graduated. I heard Mr Cheng is not teaching in AJC anymore? Still, just in case you see this... Hope you're having fun with the incoming batches.. (:
Thankyou for your patient guidance. Have a blessed Teachers' Day!
With Love...

yvonne (27/2006)


Dear Miss Huang Kailin,

Thank you for everything you have done for our class. You have really guided us and helped us alot throughout the past few months. I would like to thank you for all the hardwork and time you have put into marking and preparing our work, especially PW!!!

Lee Wei Rong (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jia Lin,

Hi Ms Ma,

I really appreciate your effort towards our class!
Although the results may not really show but we can all see your effort and dedication! ((:

Happy Teacher's Day!

Hui Ying

Hui Ying (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin,

There's a hero if you look inside your heart...
You don't have to be afraid of what you are...
There's an answer...
If you look into your soul...
And the sorrows that you know will melt away...

And then a hero comes along...
With the strength to carry on...
And you cast your fears aside...
And you know you can survive...
So when you feel like hope is gone...
Look inside you and be strong...
And you finally see the truth...
That a hero lies in you...

It's a long road...
And you face the world alone...
No one reaches out a hand for you to hold...
You can find love...
If you search within yourself...
And the emptiness you felt will disappear...

And then a hero comes along...
With the strength to carry on...
And you cast your fears aside...
And you know you can survive...
So when you feel like hope is gone...
Look inside you and be strong...
And you finally see the truth...
That a hero lies in you...

Lord knows...
Dreams are hard to follow...
But don't you let anyone tear them away...
Hold on...
There will be tomorrow...
In time you'll find a way...
HAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then a hero comes along...
With the strength to carry on...
And you cast your fears aside...
And you know you can survive...
So when you feel like hope is gone...
Look inside you and be strong...
And you finally see the truth...
That a hero lies in you...

That a hero lies in you...

Joo Fei : You are always one of my heroes. Stay strong. Glad to have you as my PD tutor. Wish you all the best la. Nothing much to say. Thank you so much for whatever that you have done for us. Do not fear ! What am I saying ar... haiz... just... aiya... STAY STRONG !

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jia Lin,


Thank you for every effort you taught me and the class.
I know every times you try very hard in teaching us and sometimes even get angry, but we did listen to every piece of advices you gave us.
Once again, thank you.
Really appreciate all the efforts you gave to our class, 12/09.

Chui Ho Kit (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,

It is a great experience being tutored by you. I owe my undestanding of the subject much to you. You painstakingly take the effort to teach and explain to us the concepts patiently, even when we are rather rowdy at times. Looking forward to all your extra lessons in the future!

Hardy (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,

Appreciate your effort to help our class improve. And the patience and guidence you have provided.

Happy Teachers Day! :D

Sze Howe (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin,

Hi Ms Huang!

老师好! 谢谢你的关注.

Bye Ms Huang!

Chiam Zhi Wen Nick (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,,

Thank you for teaching me chemistry =)

Neo Shu Juan (12/2009)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin,

Dear Miss Ma,
thanks for all you have done for our class.
We really appreciate it though we do not show it on our faces..
at times we look very 'sian' but actually, all we are doing are admiring your handwriting and staring at the board!!!

We will try our best to score an A for chem!!!

Chee Jun Hao (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin, Ms Ma Jialin, Ms Pillai, Ms Maggie Quek, Ms Cheng, Ms Elizabeth Wu ,

Happy Teacher's Day!!! Hope you enjoy your teaching experience teaching such a great class like 12/09!!! :P

Sng Guo Jie (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin,

Here's just a simple note to thank you for all the work, time and effort that you've put into our class. Marking PW may just seem as hard as writing the various drafts. (: Thanks so much for being with our class so far, we really do take heart in your outburst of "bubbly-ness" everynow and then. (:

Have a very Happy Teaches' Day!

Estee Pang (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma jia ling,

Thankyou for the guidiance all along. we look forward for your extra lessons..

eric (12/2009)


Dear Miss Huang Kailin,

Thanks for being an awesome PD tutor, ST and chinese teacher! :)

Nathaniel (12/2009)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin,

Thank you for guiding us and helping us understand chemistry better. You are one of the rare few teachers who are really concerned about your students and would do anything to help them catch up on those that they have missed. You have also spent alot of your time conducting remedials and extra lessons for us. I really appreciate it. Once again, thank you for your patience and help you have given us the past few months.

Lee Wei Rong (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jia Lin,

On this special day, I just want to thank you for all your sincere effort in teaching us and always thinking of how to make us improve as a class. You also try to make lessons funny and fast to get by. I will naturally look forward to chemistry lesson because of your inspiring and effective method of teaching. :) Hope that you will enjoy this day and smile at this simple message! Only for my (one and only) beloved CHEMISTRY TEACHER!

Jacqueline Teo (12/2009)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin,

Thanks for being an awesome and great chemistry tutor! I really appreciate the patience and understanding you have for the class. We really feel that your lessons aid us a lot in our work. I'm sure that we'll strive for excellence for promos and do well!Thanks so much and Happy Teachers Day!!! =D


Adwin See (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,

Ms Ma!

Happy Teachers Day!
You have inspired me to study super hard for chem!


Chiam Zhi Wen Nick (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,

Thank you for being a great teacher for the past few months. Your passion and dedication in teaching have shone brightly and help me in my journey in AJ. All the best for your future! (:

Tan Mei Xian (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin,



Chiam Zhi Wen Nick (12/2009)


Dear Ms. Ma jialin,

Dear Ms. Ma,

I would like to thank you for your guidance for the past few months in AJC. You made me realise how poor I am in terms of conduct and knowledge that I am now trying hard to change such behavious and to study harder and more time-efficient. Promised that from now onwards, I won't come late to your class. No more disappointment.
Happy teachers' day Ms. Ma!

Kris (12/2009)


Dear Ms Kareen Lai,

Thank you for teaching me climbing!
Happy Teachers' Day!

Neo Shu Juan (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang,

Thank you for your teaching for the past few months in PW as well as CL.
Thank you and Cheers (x3) to Miss Huang! Happy Teacher Day!

Tan Mun Aw (12/2009)


Dear Ms Krystal Lee,

Ms Lee,

Don't know if you can see this,
but awesome teaching!!


Chiam Zhi Wen Nick (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jia Lin,

Happy Teacher's Day! (: haha. Thanks so much for the care and concern that you've showered onto us. and for all the extra extra extra lessons that have taken so much of your time and energy. (: i really think that you're one of the best chem teachers i've ever had.

i hope you'll have a fun day(:

Estee Pang (12/2009)


Dear Miss Huang Kailin,

hi misss huang,
happy teachers day.
thanks for all you have done for me and the class and u will nvr forget it:P

Chee Jun Hao (12/2009)


Dear Mr Clement Cheng,

hello mr clement cheng!

fallicies, irony, oxymoron etc, thanks for drilling these into our brains in GP lessons!
we really appreciate the countless consultation sessions you had with us!
all the best to you and your family!


Eileen Chen (20/2006)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin and Ms Ma Jia Lin,

Ms Ma And Ms Huang,
I'm happy that you're my teachers;
I enjoy each lesson you teach.
As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed.

You help me fulfill my potential;
I'm thankful for all that you've done.
I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you're number one!

Yes, I changed a few words from an online poem (you would have guessed by now...hehe :)). But it is the thought that counts....
i am really thankful for the support given to me during this year.
it was only through your help that i was able to get through difficult times in my life last semester.

I am forever indebt to the unwavering support you gave me....
From the bottom of my heart Thank You and Happy Teacher's Day !!! :)

C Sivah (12/2009)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin,

Thank you for being passionate in teaching us. I remembered giving you many problems during the mid-term as i often appeared sleepy and restless during class time. But there was one moment when you tried to speak to me during one chemistry practical lesson. Though i was rather taken aback at that point of time, nonetheless i still appreciated that gesture. Showing care and concern may not be one of the tasks on the teacher's paperwork, but nevertheless this is something that students will appreciate. It is a pleasure to have you as my Chemistry tutor and i believe that with all your naggings and teachings, all of us will have the potential to soar greater heights and achieve good grades at the end of the day. Once again, Happy Teacher's Day!! :D

How Hui Shan (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,







Foo Zi Hui (12/2009)


Dear Miss Huang Kailin ,

Dear Miss Huang, Happy Teacher Day. Hope that you will enjoy the teacher day holiday. Thank you for being so patience and willing to guide us in our work when we need help. Hope that you will enjoy the time in AJC and once again Happy Teacher Day.

Cheryl Tan (12/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin,

Laoshi!! HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY!! You are the teacher that contribute the most to the class by being our chinese teacher, project work teacher, civics teacher (and on a sidenote, specially for me and zihui, also our HARMONICA TEACHER!) Thank you for everything you have done for us! Hope you will enjoy this special day and smile at this simple note! Only for my beloved chinese-pw-civics-harmoc teacher!!! :D

Jacqueline Teo (12/2009)


Dear Ms Ma Jialin,

Yo ! Miss Ma ! How's life? Haha. I'm so rude. So, Miss Ma, how are you ar? Thank you so much for being our Chemistry teacher. I don't know whether you favour our class or not la but just wanna let you know, we just love you. For me, to be honest, at first I thought you are going to be one of those fierce teachers. Luckily, you are not ! Haha... emm. Again, to be honest before this, in my secondary school, I do not like Chemistry as much as I do now. It is you who our Chemistry lessons so fun, so great for learning. Nothing much to say. May God bless you. Stay strong. Do not fear. Just a song from me that I hope you will like it. Everything... just let it be and do not let your emotions overcome you ! Oh yeah... wanna say sorry if I ever made you angry or didn't do your tutorials. Promise that I'll finish all. Now I'm doing Chemical Thermodynamics anyway !

When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me...
Speaking words of wisdom...
Let it be...
And in my hour of darkness she is standing right in front of me...
Speaking words of wisdom...
Let it be....

Let it be... let it be... let it be... let it be...
Whisper words of wisdom...
Let it be...

And when the broken hearted people living in the world agree...
There will be an answer...
Let it be...
For though they may be parted there is still a chance that they will see...
There will be an answer...
Let it be...

Let it be... let it be... let it be... let it be...
There will be an answer...
Let it be...

And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light, that shines on me...
Shine until tomorrow...
Let it be...

Let it be... let it be... let it be... let it be...
Whisper words of wisdom...
Let it be...
Let it be... let it be... let it be... let it be...
Whisper words of wisdom...
Let it be...Let it be... let it be... let it be... let it be...
Whisper words of wisdom...
Let it be...


Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Mdm Jothi, Ms Rosalind Jacobs, Ms Undasan, Ms Diana Sim,

Thank you for showing us how to journey in life, to embrace the adventures and knowledge, and to never hurry the voyage at all.

On behalf of the 28/97 girls (and the guy), we celebrate your lives as we mark another milestone for AJC!

Lai Huey-Chyi (28/1997)


Dear Ms Casey Goh,

HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! Thanks for your guidance and patience through my 2 years of studies in aj! Also, thanks for always believing in us. I definitely owe you a big thank you for my maths result! Maths was made interesting with you as our teacher! Sadly, I kind of forgot the stats which you taught and im studying that as my core module now! Seriously, no one can teach better than you. 17/07 will always love you! God bless.

wan xin (17/2007)


Dear Ms Maggie Quek Liling,

Hi, Miss Quek. Okay first and foremost, I love Economics ! Haha. Yeah, I'm not joking. Anyway, thanks for being so patient to all of us especially those of us who don't do the essays and case studies. Perhaps I'm the only one haha. Sorry if ever that made you upset. Emm, will promise to finish up all homework given. Will write more essays and I hope you will mark la haha. Nothing much to say. Stay strong.

There's a calm surrender to the rush of day...
When the heat of the rolling world can be turned away...
An enchanted moment and it sees me through...
It's enough for this restless warrior just to be with you...

And can you feel the love tonight...
It is where we are...
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer...
That we got this far...
And can you feel the love tonight...
How it's laid to rest...
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds...
Believe the very best...

There's a time for everyone if they only learn...
That the twisting kaleidoscope moves us all in turn...
There's a rhyme and reason to the wild outdoors...
When the heart of this star-crossed voyager beats in time with yours...

And can you feel the love tonight...
It is where we are...
It's enough for this wide-eyed wanderer...
That we got this far...
And can you feel the love tonight...
How it's laid to rest...
It's enough to make kings and vagabonds...
Believe the very best...

Joo Fei

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Ms Elizabeth Wu,

Hi, Miss Wu. Happy Teacher's Day. We just met like a few weeks only but I could see that you are really keen in teaching us GP. Sorry if I don't do well for GP during promo haha. Emm. Stay strong. Take care of yourself. Stay healthy. Joo Fei

Many nights we've prayed
With no proof anyone could hear
In our hearts a hopefull song
We barely understood

Now we are not afraid
Although we know there's much to fear
We were moving mountains long
Before we knew we could

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

In this time of fear
When prayers so often prove(s) in vain
Hope seems like the summer birds
Too swiftly flown away

Yet now I'm standing here
My heart's so full I can't explain
Seeking faith and speaking words
I never thought I'd say

There can be miracles, when you believe
Though hope is frail, it's hard to kill
Who knows what miracles you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will
You will when you believe

They don't (always happen) when you ask
And it's easy to give in to your fears
But when you're blinded by your pain
Can't see your way straight throught the rain
(A small but )still resilient voice
Says (hope is very near)

There can be miracles
When you believe
(Lord, when you believe)
Though hope is frail
(Though hope is frail)
It's hard to kill
(Hard to kill, Ohhh)
Who knows what miracles,you can achieve
When you believe, somehow you will(somehow,somehow, somehow)
somehow you will
You will when you believe

You will when you
You will when you believe
Just believe...in your heart
Just believe
You will when you believe~

Joo Fei

Elizabeth Wu (12/2009)


Dear Ms Krystal Lee,

Hi, Miss Lee. I don't know whether this message will be sent to you or not since you already left AJ. Just wanna wish you a very very very Happy Teacher's Day. Thanks for your keen teaching. Emm, stay strong. All the best in your studies (in case you are studying). Nothing much to say. Good luck. Bye !

Joo Fei

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Mrs Emmeline Cheong,

Dear Miss Cheong. So, how's your teaching and job in Dunman? Is it Dunman by the way? I don't know whether this message will be sent to you or not. If it is, then good la. Thanks for your keen teaching. Mathematics. I love it a lot. It may be hard for this level but I won't be feared by it ! I will study hard and get an A ! Haha. Nothing much to say. Wish you all the best. Send my regards to your family.

Joo Fei

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Ms Esther Cheng,

Hi, Miss Cheng. Happy Teacher's Day. We went through for a few weeks. Thanks for your interest in helping us. Really touched by it. It's my own fault that I don't treasure it especially during make-ups. Sorry if I made you angry in any way or I did any mistake. Hope you will have an enjoyable teaching in AJ. Stay strong and healthy. Will aim A for Mathematics ! Thanks !!!

Joo Fei

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Miss Choy Jack Kie, Mr Peter Herd, Mr Ng Eng Hock, Mr Koh Kaifeng, Mr Goh Kunli, Mr Heng Jee Yong,

Thanks for the guidance over the two years. You have certainly made our stay in AJ a memorable one. Although we may appear inattentive at times but we are actually listening:) We will always remember the care and concern you have showered upon us. Thanks for everything<3. Most importantly...


Class 2707 (27/2007)


Dear Mdm Jamilah,

Hello Madam, I'm uncertain as to whether you still remember me, considering its been 4 years now. haha. But Anyways, here's wishing you a very happy Teachers' Day. Thanks for everything that you'd done for me, and for all of the care and concern. Really helped me out-you did. I do want you to know that you've made a huge positive impact in my life, and I'm really grateful for all that you've done for me.
Take care, Madam.

Rahul Mohan (13/2005)


Dear Mr Sng Peng Poo,

a Happy Teacher's Day to you! Two years of study in AJC wasn't always a smooth journey, I still remember the many hectic days of struggling with tutorials, exams and CCA. Other than being our Physics teacher, you were also our class mentor for 2 years. I would like to thank you for being selfless and patient with the class. I believe that the fruits of both our own AND your hard work were reflected in our A level results. Now we have all moved on, Mr Sng, I thank you sincerely for your guidance and am greatly inspired by your dedication towards teaching! 02/07 loves you!

Tang Mei Wan (NTU Acc) (02/2007)


Dear Miss Maggie Quek Liling,

It's been a pleasure having you as our economics teacher. Thank you for being passionate in teaching us and putting in effort in marking our work, giving individual feedbacks to us. Thank you, also for being willing to fork out time for consultations. Anyway continue to be a good teacher :D And once again, Happy Teacher's Day!

How Hui Shan (12/2009)


Dear Ms Kat Kar Hwee,

Hello Ms Kat!

This is On Zen, sending you a dedication for your dedication to our class 23/08! Its been a tough (almost 2 years) ride for you and for us but your efforts to make the lesson that much more interesting is really appreciated by the class(seriously!) So, alongside my class, we would like to thank you so much for teaching us economics for our exams and economics for life. Have fun! ;)

Tiong On Zen (23/2008)


Dear Ms Raudah Bte Ali,

Yo Miss Raudah!

Hope this doesnt startle you(heh!) This is On Zen, on behalf of the class, sending you our well-wishes for Teacher's Day! Time flew by quick and honestly, I could still remember our first day together at Homeroom 412. Your attempts to break that cold-hard ice between our class has resounded till today and truly contributed to binding us closer. However noisy and rowdy our class may be during civics lessons or however absorbed we are into our daily chatter during PW. We truly appreciate the preparation you have made to mould us into better individuals. Without you, we couldnt have been 23/08. (Pray hard) We will definitely work hard for our 'A's and make you proud ;) Meanwhile, take care of that cute baby of yours ya!

Tiong On Zen (23/2008)


Dear Mr Ng Hock Soon, Ms Corrine Zhu, Ms Ewe, Mr Ng Hong Peng, Mr Edwin Chia, Mr Jason Seng, Ms Siau,

Thank you for making our council life more than just being a student councillor. I'm sure everyone learnt much more than anything else. Wishing Everyone a VERY Happy Teachers' DAY 2009!!!=)

25th Students' Council

Jermyn Heng (23/2008)


Dear Mr Clement Ong, Mr Lim Kim Thye andthe others who have left,

Have a happy teacher's day celebration and most importantly, wish you all the best of health!

Danny Tan (10/2005)


Dear Mr Koh, Ms Ma, Mr Duncan Ang, Ms Wendy Ng, Mr Bell, Mr Sng and all other teachers who had taught me,

Sorry that I cannot be celebrating Teacher's Day with you all personally. However, i will celebrate withyuo spiritually. Without you, I will not be here today! You have not only imparted to me knowledge, but also values and ethics that help shape my life. For that, I will like to wish you a Happy Teacher's Day!!!

Eugene See (24/2007)


Dear Miss Yiak, Mrs Ong,

Hey there!

Happy Teacher's Day!! Hope you all are still doing well and enjoying teaching!
Take care and stay happy :)

Matthew Pan (38/2005)


Dear Ms New ,

Thank you for the time, effort and support you that you had given me as well as our class - 3507 throughout the 2 years of our stay in AJ. It is our pleasure to have such a nice and caring Mathematics teacher like you. No matter how long had passed, you will always be our NUMBER ONE teacher. 35/07 loves you to the core! Take care.

Wang Baoying (35/2007)


Dear 萧老师,




24 of us (09/2008)


Dear Ms Tay Li Na,

Thanks for all the guidance that you've given and being an extremely understanding teacher. I remembered how you're always so well-planned for each and every GP lesson and am impressed with all the knowledge that you're always willing to impart to us. You've been an inspirational teacher and you've touched the lives of those you've educated and i really thank you for being such a competent teacher. Happy Teacher's Day Ms Tay! :D

Joab Ng Poh Choon (33/2007)


Dear 韩美英老师,


Joab Ng Poh Choon (33/2007)


Dear 潘群老师,


Joab Ng Poh Choon (33/2007)


Dear Mdm Ong Kwee Hoon 王老师,

我要感谢一位从未放弃我的老师-Mdm Ong Kwee Hoon 王老师(HOD/Languages Department)。

陈玟谕,Tan boon yee (22/1997)


Dear Ms Siau,

On behalf of the AJCAACO, I thank you for all the support and guidance given to us all these while. Things have been so much smoother and easier with you providing us with all the necessary help and support! The things that you did, such as travelling all the way from ur home to school just to lock the gates for us when we had our late night practices, liasing with AVA to borrow microphone and speaker for us etc etc just show the passion and love that you have, not just for AJCAACO, but for the school as a whole. So its been hard on u, n we hope that you enjoy urself on Teachers' Day, and also for the years ahead!


Peow Ee (07/2005)


Dear Mdm Pan Qun,

Dear Mdm Pan,

Thank you for walking us through from the start of the school till now. You've been a great and interesting teacher, supporting us whenever we needed your help and helping to change the class for the better, and contantly reminding us of the need to work hard for Chinese.

We would like to wish you a Happy Teachers' Day and hope that you will be able to walk us through till the end of next year, or even further than this 2 years of JC life.

13/09 love you lots!

Wong Li Zhen (13/2009)


Dear Mdm Sandra Ong,

Dear Mdm Ong,

Thanks for teaching 13/09 and being such a good PW teacher! Thank you for being so patient with us and being able to crap with us as well during all these lessons, and as well as guiding us through our PW.

I really appreciate you being our physics and PW teacher. So hang on there! PW is going to be over soon, so your headaches are going to be over soon too! On this note,I would like to wish you a very happy teachers' day!

Wong Li Zhen (13/2009)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin,

We know it’s quite torturous and tiring to teach us but you have survived for the past 7 months. Way to go! (: I guess you’d probably not taught such a problematic class before. Although we are a bunch of problem generators, you have put up with us and never gave up on us. We really appreciate you for taking us through invaluable lessons in life and also the countless hours you have put in marking our PI, EoM and WR. Other classes are always shocked to see them covered with pages and pages of red ink accompanied by lots of ): and a very few (: (I think my sentences lack coherence again..but nvm )

We will try to remember what you say in class.I think we had because we can remember your
“ Whey” “来” “你们有没有在听?” “You want to listen you listen”
“You all think you all very good right?” “HPeng. *face blackens* go and wash your face” very vividly. (Can infer that what you said doesnt come in from one ear and goes out from the other (: )

We really appreciate what you have done for us although we are terrible at showing our gratitude. Thank you for everything Miss Ma!! 0709 really loves you!

Toh See Woon (07/2009)