Teachers' Day Dedication 2010

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Mdm Ong Ah Ngor,

Every year without fail, I'll be here to wish you
Happy Teachers' Day!!
Hope this message will make your day..

From your dearest Maths Rep from 04/06,
Mei Xuan

Lee Mei Xuan (04/2006)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

You might not remember me but I certainly won't ever forget that you were my Chemistry teacher in ajc. I wonder if you still amuse 17 & 18 year-olds with your jokes which you never found funny. Or intimidate them with your intense and poised first impression. Well honestly you sure did fool me, but my friends and I grew to love you. You showed me how Chemistry really isn't all that dull and difficult. And I just want to tell you that I had learnt a lot from you and I am thankful for a teacher like you!

Rebecca Wong Si Jia (19/2007)


Dear Mr Kwok Boon Yong,

Dear Mr Kwok,

Haha..I wonder if you still drive the same car and still use the same amount of hair gel on your poor hair. OK let me start by refreshing your memory in case your head is too overwhelmed by your secret love life. You became the form teacher of our class(19/07) when you were, I believe, "fresh from the NIE oven". You taught pretty well in both GP (PW i cant say :P). Honestly, I was doubtful of your literature or english degree at the beginning but congrats, in those short few months, you proved me wrong. I still remember that my highest scoring essay comes from that particular period. Either you were lenient with your marking or I seriously am one talented late boomer ;)

<3 Rebecca

Rebecca Wong (19/2007)


Dear Ms Yeo Hui Cheng, Mr Sng Peng Poo, Mdm Charlotte Chua,

Dear Teachers, you guys have been my inspiration to follow your footsteps. Thanks for all the effort you've shown, and the tolerance towards my nonsense back during my days in AJ. You guys are forever remembered! =) Happy Teachers' Day!

Law Chong Hui (12/2005)


Dear Ms Ma,Ms Ewe,Mr.Duncan Ang,Ms.Maggie Quek,Ms.Abraham,

To my dearest teachers, I wish you a very happy teachers' day and I am still very grateful of what you have done for me during my days in AJ.

Wai Sin 13/07

Kung Wai Sin (13/2007)


Dear Ms Siti Nursaba,

HELLO MS SITI! I remember you :D It's since a looooong time ever since I saw you! Hopefully you still remember me. Haha thanks alot for all your help once again during my JC days, I'll never forget (: ALL THE BEST! Hope to see you soon in AJ again! Have a wonderful teacher's day! <3

allena (10/2006)


Dear Mdm. Woon Siew Fong, Mr. Alvin Yong & Mdm. Ong Ah Ngor,

@Mdm Woon: Wonderful teacher who is able to illustrate Econs concepts well and make lessons feel so much livelier! Thank you for all the LOVE and care you have showered for your class of 8 cheeky musketeers!

@Mr Yeong: Just one word to describe him as a Chemistry teacher, PASSIONATE!! Thank you for persisting and making us believe that mindmaps do work! Cheers to our 17/06 homeroom teacher! You've brought us much laughter and joy.

@Mdm Ong: Patient teacher who always had faith in the class which was often one of the weakest in the cohort. Thank you for your efforts and constant "preaching" to encourage us to practice!

Happy Teachers' Day! I believe you'll continue to make an impact on both your current and future batches of students, just like how you've left one on mine and my fellow 17/06 classmates. Once again, thank you for making my Junior College life a memorable one!

Laureen Bay (17/2006)


Dear Dear, Ms Ang Feng Ling, Ms Joy Tan, Mr Kwok Boon Yong , Ms Koh Ee Hway, Mr Lim Kok Wee, Mr ,

To all teachers, thank you all so much for being a significant part of my Junior College life and dedicating so much time and effort in molding me as a student as well as a person entering into the society.

Yours sincerely,

Student of 0408,
Tan Pang Hian

Tan Pang Hian (04/2008)


Dear Miss Siau Fong Fui,

Congratulations Ms Siau!!! Ms Siau 万岁!!!

Terence Koh (17/2001)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Dear Ms Siau,

Your ex-student from 27/00 here! Congrats on your new appointment as the Vice Principal!

I have always remembered you as an inspring, cheerful & helpful teacher. I love the way you teach & interact with students. I have always enjoyed your classes the most during my AJC days.

Upon my graduation, when I was with CLDDS alumni, your involvement in AJC Alumni was indeed remarkable.

Now, as a teacher myself, I hope to be as inspiring as you had an impact on me!

May your path ahead be filled with enjoyment!

Warmest regards,
SiQi (Class of 27/00)

SiQi (27/2000)


Dear Mr Sng, Mrs Chai, Mr Koh, Mr Toh,

Happy teachers' day!!
Take care!
Miss you all! =)

Cynthia (02/2007)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

萧老师,听说你升任副校长非常替你感到开心!恭喜你!这些年来你默默耕耘为学校付出,身为学生的我们都看在眼里:) 并感觉很庆幸有你这样一个负责任又风趣的老师。好好加油,祝你事业顺利、生活愉快,别忘了休息尤其当你累的时候!你永远是我们敬重的老师!

lee huey chyi (09/2003)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Congratulations Ms Siau!! :)

Goh Chern Kuan (03/2002)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Ms Siau, congratulations on your appointment! Your enthusiasm and dedication to teaching is definitely a blessing to all AJC Students! :)

Kim Yee Haun (09/2002)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Though I was not taught by Ms Siau, she has touched my life in one way or another that made me into a better person. She is people-oriented person, and her passion in engAJing people can be easily felt by others. I wish her a great career ahead with her new appointment as the Vice Principal. All the best, Ms Siau!

Cheung Ka Kei (22/2007)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Dear Ms Siau,

I'm Yongxue from Chinese Orchestra. I still do remember the days where we practice till late nights almost everyday and your presence is also felt. Even when we graduated and are involved with alumni activities, you always take the time to be there till late in the night.

You are truly one of the most dedicated teaching staff I've ever seen.

Congratulations on your promotion. I believe it will allow you to extend your reach to touch more lives!

Chan Yongxue (10/2003)


Dear Ms Siau,

Dear Ms Siau,

Congratulations! Heard that you've been promoted to the Vice-Principal of AJ. I am really really happy for you! You are always there when the students need you. Personally, thanks for making a difference in my life in Aj. I will always remember the guidance you've given me especially during my council days.

Do keep in touch! =)

Best Regards,
Lenny Loke (19th CCAC)

Lenny Loke (06/2002)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Dear Ms Siau,

Congratulations on your appointment as Vice Principal!
You were an amazing in-charge for the students' council and an inspiration to all of us.
I am really so happy for you and wish you all the best for your undertakings!

Li Hui

Li Hui Chiang (08/2003)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

Hi Ms Siau! Heard you got promoted to VP of AJ!! CONGRATS!!! Truly well deserved!! May AJ continue going from strength to strength under your leadership!

(20th Student's Council CCAC - Sports)

Lim Wei Yang (26/2003)


Dear Ms Siau,

Hi Ms Siau!!
Congrats on your appointment as VP of AJ=)

jeanice (27/2006)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui,

All the best to Ms Siau in her new appointment as VP. Congrats and may you shape the world of many students for years to come.

chia fenghong (20/2001)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui ,

Hi Siau Lao Shi.

CONGRATULATIONS on your new appointment as vice-principal of AJC! You certainly deserve it! Was really really happy when I heard the news. You have been a really great teacher to me, in fact you're the only one I still rave about after so many years =) Here's wishing you all the best, and have loads of fun!

Joy Fang Zhiwen (29/2002)


Dear Ms siau,


Alvin Tan Shunchong (28/2006)


Dear Miss Siau,

Hi Miss Siau

Congratulations on your promotion!

ZHANG QIYAN (28/2001)


Dear Ms Kat Kar Hwee ; Mr Looh Kok Kheong ,

Dear Ms Kat Kar Hwee and Mr Looh Kok Kheong,

Happy teachers day!! Thanks for teaching me a lot of things, both in subjests and life. :)

Hou nanjun (07/2009)


Dear Mr Alex Lee,

Thanks you for your guidance in the planning of the AJ X-Country this year! =)

Wei Hao (29/2009)


Dear Mr Lau,

Thank you for your interesting Maths lessons! With the 'wands' and cardboards, I like vectors tutorials most! =)

Wei Hao (29/2009)


Dear all teachers teaching 01/10,

Happy teachers' day! Hope you have a great time teaching this cute and active class :D Thank you for all your kindness and support for the past months, always trying your best to help us. I'm sure 01 greatly appreciated those help.
Lastly, I'll try to make your lives easier by TRYING my best to attempt some assignments ;)
Enjoy your day!

Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see. ~Mark Twain

the best (01/2010)


Dear Mr Tan Ser Yang, Mr Tan Boon Yong, Ms Siti, Mr Goh Khoon Song, Ms Koh Ee Hway, Ms Liu Shu Yu, Mr Wee Hock Guan and Ms Leung Wai Tung,

PDG 23/10 would like to extend our very heartfelt gratitude to the above PD and subject tutors who have taken much effort to look after our welfare and have been patient in imparting academic knowledge to us. While the class may not have been exactly well-behaved, we are, nonetheless, appreciative of what you have contributed to this spirited class of 24.

To Mr Tan Ser Yang, our new PD tutor.. Thank you for taking effort in getting to know us more after your short arrival. Taking good care of our welfare, you always seem to emphasize on the importance of character building and emotional health on top of academic achievements, and always make an effort to fulfil your promises. We are truly sorry for getting on your nerves at times though! :)

To Ms Liu Shu Yu, our temporary Chemistry tutor, who is now officially a Physics tutor in AJ, 23/10 is thankful to you for treating us all like your friends beyond curriculum hours, despite your seniority. Not only were you friendly, you were also patient in teaching. We hope you liked the farewell party we collaborated with 1710!:D

To Ms Koh Ee Hway, Chemistry concepts has never been so thoroughly taught to us during your classes. To aid us in comprehending concepts, you never failed to take us through slowly until we see the light. We take our hats off to you and your vast knowledge!C; We are also extremely remorseful for disappointing you with our Promo results. We will definitely give our best shot in the coming Promos~

To Mr Wee Hock Guan, our cute and entertaining Maths tutor who always have a 'Game plan' in mind.. We thank you for aiding 23/10 to become one of the top H2 Math classes in the cohort. Not the best, but we will improve! As some of our Gan1 Die1(Godfather), you are an understanding and approachable senior. ^^

To Mr Tan Boon Yong, who is now our Econs tutor, and used to be our PD tutor.. thank you for putting in much effort in preparing for tutorials in advance. To 23/10 you are an empathetic tutor, who constantly oversees the welfare of the class. To make sure that we are comprehend Econs ideas fully, you never failed to open up your own personal time for after-class consultations. To us, you are perceptive tutor.BD

To Ms Leung Wai Tung, our GP tutor who is exceptionally tolerant of the wayward behaviour of some of our classmates, we thank you for your patience and forgiveness. We are deeply sorry for the poor grades we have generated during Midyears, but we are pleased to say that we have definitely learned from our mistakes and short-sightedness when it comes to not submitting our homework.;>

To Mr Goh Khoon Song,presently our Physics and PW tutor, we can't be more apologetic for flooding you with questions and requests every now and then with regards to PW consultations. Being one of the 24 students in 23/10, I have to say that the class is pretty anxious over our PW grades. Nevertheless, thank you for showering us with constructive advice despite the short time you have spent together with the class.B)

We would also like to express special thanks to Ms Siti, who has parted from us recently. To those who do not know who she is, Ms Siti was a responsible, soft-spoken and sweet physics tutor who was willing to take her personal time off just to assure us of good grades. Though the time we spent with her is no longer than 6 months, her absence is a painful,throbbing reminder to us all. Thank you for the Ferrero Rocher tooo! <3

With that, 23/10 would like to thank all the outstanding tutors mentioned above!

And not to forget..

HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! to all AJ tutors

Class 23/10 (23/2010)


Dear Ms Choy ,

Thank You for whatever you've done for me! I can never be tired of repeating it again and again, even after a zillion times. You've truly inspired me for what it takes to be a great teacher in the future!


Li Ziyi (03/2007)


Dear Mr. Mickey Mouse/Fernando Hierro,

Hi sir, Thanks for your helpful pair of EARS in the past. Always there for me.

someone (15/2003)



HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY and thank you for making our gp lessons so interesting and being so enthusiastic in expressing the uber lotsa gp ideas to us to equip us sufficiently for the great gp papers that we had to handle for our long past A's.


LEE RONGJIE (03/2007)


Dear Ms Ang Seoy Leng,

洪老师教师节快乐,好久不见 祝你身体健康,天天快乐:D

Hi Ms Ang Happy teachers' day. havent seen u for almost one year haha missing u and ur lessons very much. all the wishes r in chinese, hope u enjoy! haah

Zhou Cong (19/2008)


Dear Mdm Ong Kwee Hoon, Mrs Goh Lay Hoon,

Dearest Teachers!

On behalf of PDG 15/06, i want to say that you are always on our minds as the best teachers who taught us lifeskills that shape us forever.

I can never thank you enough for the guidance and time you spent with us, and the invaluable advice you have given me.

It is my pleasure to have you as my teacher,

Thank you!


Wileen Siow (15/2006)


Dear Mrs. Ong Choon Yam, Mr. Kwok, Mr. Eugene Ng, Ms Siti,


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such inspiring and dedicated teachers throughout my two years in AJC! :)

You guys were awesome and helpful in your own ways (LOL!) in making my education journey in AJC meaningful and enjoyable :)I'll never forget all of u!

Wishing u all the best in your future endeavors and your teaching career.

U have touched my life in one way or another and I hope u will continue to touch the lives of other students throughout your teaching career !!! :)

“A good teacher is like a candle - it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

Lina Diyanah :)

Lina Diyanah (22/2008)


Dear Ms Ng Ling Nee,


Here is a special teachers' day dedication to you from Alina, Huimin and me!

Thank you for your guidance and care for us during our Harmoc days! Though our meetings are always long and tiring, we have learnt a great deal from you. Your 'open-ended' questions forced us to think further and more thoroughly through our 'proposals' and it had definitely allow us to grow and mature.

Thank you for your care and concern for us, regardless in Harmoc, our studies and even in our personal issues.

So on this special day, we want to wish you a very very HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!!! (: God Bless and best wishes dear Ms Ng!

Alina, Huimin, Jiaming (:

Jiaming (13/2008)


Dear Miss Ma Jialin,

Dear Miss Ma!


Even though you have left AJ, I believe your guidance and teaching goes a long way beyond school and will remain deep in our hearts! I know we are in this race together so let's all continue to do our best and create more memories! :)

P.S. (I know you know it but I'll still say) 0709 loves you! :)

Joyce Ng (07/2009)


Dear Mr Peter Herd,

Hi Mr Herd!
Firstly here's wishing you a HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! Thanks for making GP lessons just so enjoyable with your good humour, I'm definitely going to remember all the memorable goofball moments for years to come. Yours is the one lesson that i look forward to each school day! honestly. Thanks for being a truly wonderful and encouraging teacher. You make learning really enjoyable and i think our class takes your lesson as one means to de-stress because you are always able to draw unbridled laughter from us. Thanks alot for being personable and for always being so patient and understanding about the problem that i have with my writing. i'll keep putting in effort to improve my speed of writing, i promise! i don't want to let you or myself down in the prelims or A levels. thanks for constantly asking after my situation, i really appreciate that. You are a truly wonderful teacher! May you have the best teacher's day this year and plenty more memorable teaching days ahead (: what a job huh!

p.s i typed this in 5minutes! i kept track of the time! :D

Bestest and warmest regards,
grace tay 1309

Grace Tay (13/2009)


Dear Miss 严洁霜,Mr SM Seet,

幸福快乐。Happy Teachers' Day.

陈诗章 (02/1986)


Dear Mdm Khoo ,

Happy Teacher's Day! :) Without you, I would not be where I am now! Thank you very much Mdm Khoo!

Tan Yen Yen (14/2006)


Dear Mr Ganesan and Mr Mohan,

On behalf of TLDDS, I whole-heartedly want to thank both of you for making our CCA a success all these years. Your extraordinary guidance is the sole reason why AJTL is able to uphold its excellence. Nandri solla vaarthaigai illai. Happy teacher's day! :)


Sha (31/2009)


Dear Mr Poh, Ms Aw, Mr Seng, Mr Lionel and beloved Ms Kareen,

Your care and concern is extraordinary and you proved to me that being a teacher goes well beyond the classroom. Each of you has impacted me positively in different ways. It is uplifting. Though I might not meet your expectations, I am grateful for your guidance. :)

PS: Ms Kareen, pls take care! 31/09 always there for you! :):)

Sha (31/2009)


Dear Mdm. Carolyn Ng,

This is a tribute to Mdm Ng. Without your history tutorship 10 years ago, i wouldn't have entered a local university and gotten to where i am in life today.

Ng Junxiang (32/1999)


Dear Ms Giri,

Thank you for all that you have done for me. Of course, nothing can possibly replace the overwhelming love, affection, care, concern n dedication over me and our class!

Really happy to have known such a teacher like you! One simple reason: You made a difference in my life!

I can still remember what you say and it still rings in my mind this very second! "U- Grade? U? That means UP! No othr ways or choices but only to go up!"

Just wish to dedicate this little poem of mine to you..
" The sparkling star in the velvet sky,
promises splashes of COLOURFUL joys!"


Ayeshah Binte Jamaldeen (36/2009)


Dear teachers who I had the pleasure to cross paths with,

Thanks for all your support and guidance during the two of my most intense study years at AJ. It has truly been my honour to have been tutored by you all. Wishing all AJ teachers(past and present)a happy and memorable Teachers'Day! :)

Thaddeus (35/2008)


Dear Mr Eugene Ng, Mrs Kuah, Ms Ewe Jun Wen, Mr Eric Hui, Mr Sng, Mr Lim, Mr Goh Kun Li, Mdm Vivian Loh, Mr Adrian Bell, Mr Sanuse, Mr Lim Kok Wee,

Thank you so much for your kind effort in making my life in AJ an enjoyable one! Your passion for teaching makes all the subjects taught so much more interesting! Thank you for touching my life in one way or another.

I know that this typed dedication message is insufficient for me to express my gratitude towards all of you and your sacrifices. Thank you again for taking the trouble to pay attention of us students and caring for our welfare everyday.

Happy Teachers Day! Let this not be the only day where you are reminded of our appreciation for you teachers. We appreciate your efforts everyday!

With lots of love from 06/09

Reginald Ng (06/2009)


Dear Ms Huang Zhenyi,

thanks for all the encouragements that you have given us over the past 2 years! really appreciate the effort in trying to help us in geography though our results were disappointing. Also not to forget to thank you for the effort regarding PW last year. Without which we would not have done a fairly good job for PW.



Wong De Zhan (32/2009)


Dear Mr Lim Kim Thye, Mr Ng Eng Hock, Mdm Ng Suat Lay and Mdm Lim (Chinese department),

It's Teacher's Day again.

Whether you all are still in the teaching profession a not, looking back, I have now realized what it means to be a good teacher. I can now better appreciate your dedication to teaching me and my class during those days gone by.

How good would it be if we could have such dedicated lecturers teaching us in university!

In any case, you all deserve another happy teacher's day this year=)

Take care,
Ngai Meng

P.S I thank the Alumni Assocation in reaching out to us via facebook!

Chan Ngai Meng (22/2003)


Dear Ms Wu; Mdm Woon; Mr Seet; Ms Siau; Ms Pillai; Ms Bok;,

Happy Teachers' Day to ALL.

Ms Wu: Congrats to your second baby. And I miss your GP lessons a lot. :)

Mdm Woon: You are the Best Econs teacher in AJC!!!

Mr Seet and Ms Bok: Thanks for all the patience in teaching me Maths.

Ms Pillai: Thanks for all the help you gave to me in Astro and in Physics. Cheers.

Ms Siau: 我听到您升上副校长的好消息!真替您感到骄傲及高兴!加油!

And great thanks to all the teachers who have helped me a lot in one way or another. You know who you are, and all of you are great teachers for the school.

Lau Seng Yap (29/2007)


Dear Ms In, Ms Chua, Ms Bok, Mr Wee, Mr Ng, Mrs Chng,

To All my DEARest Teachers who have guided me along my JC life..


Your teachings and guidance have made who I am today. Thank you.
May all of you have many good years ahead!

Tam Yong Sheng (04/2005)


Dear Ms Yeo,

Thanks for being so understanding and accommodating when i was really busy! I'm also really grateful for your support and encouragement. Thanks for working so hard with us during the PW period; our sterling results was all thanks to you!! Thanks for everything!

Christine Foo (24/2009)


Dear Ms In Kit Shong,

Thanks for always believing in me and supporting me even when i'm in doubt. I really appreciate your care and concern! Thanks for working so hard last year, especially taking the time to meet us during our breaks to practice chinese oral with us and to mark our compositions on the spot! The practices really propelled me to attain the good chinese A'levels grade! Thanks for everything!

Christine Foo (24/2009)


Dear Mr Tony Lee Dong Liang,

Thanks for being so understanding during competition period and believing me when i said i would catch up on my own! Thanks for tolerating our nonsense in class and occasionally playing along! It really makes class enjoyable and fun. Thanks for everything and happy teachers' day!

Christine Foo (24/2009)


Dear Mr Kwok Boon Yong, Mr William Yeo, Ms Corrine Zhu, Mdm Jean Lee, Ms Ewe Jun Wen,

Dearest subject tutors, I'm utterly grateful for the time and effort you have invested in teaching me.

Thank you Mr Kwok for always livening the teaching atmosphere and resolving past conflicts in the class. Gp tutorials were never stressful. Your valuable teachings are greatly appreciated.

Thank you Mr Yeo for taking time to explain concepts which I had difficulty grasping during consultation, and all your jokes which never fail to humour the class. You have always displayed a lot of care and concern for the class and the reflection session after mid years has spurred me to work harder for Economics.

Thank you Ms Zhu for being so passionate in teaching Geography and always stirring my interest in the subject. Lessons are always fun and interesting with your high level of enthusiasm in teaching and though we continued to make a lot of conceptual errors which you have highlighted, you never gave up on us. Your knowledge in the subject is amazingly deep! My class is very lucky to have you as our geography teacher.

Thank you Mdm Lee for going through all our raised questions patiently and ensuring that everyone understands, even though at times we still forget concepts that you have gone through numeral times. Your lessons are definitely one of the most interesting and humourous in AJ.

Thank you Ms Ewe for always worrying about us and fulfilling duties beyond the scope of a Maths teacher. Your encouragement after mid years will not be forgotten. I will certainly practice harder for prelims! (:

Chow Shen Wei (33/2009)


Dear Miss Huang Kailin,

Miss Huang ! Though you are teaching us anymore, you are always one of the greatest teachers ! No joke ! Though at times we have disagreements, you are always so forgiving. Wish you a very very very Happy Teachers Day !

Joo Fei

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Mr Looh Kok Kheong,

Dear Mr Looh, although you're not a full-time teacher at AJ, I am still very inspired by your way of teaching. You're caring and so encouraging to me, especially during SPA period. Wish you a very very very Happy Teachers Day !

Joo Fei

Wong Joo Fei (12/2009)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

Dear Jean,

After all these years, you are still my favorite teacher ;)
Thanks for teaching 03/91 and bringing to us so much fun and laughter. I really enjoyed your lessons.

And thanks for taking care of me when I was teaching in AJ.

God bless you and your family always,

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr Yip Kim Wah,

Mr Yip, thanks for teaching 03/91. Happy Teachers' Day!

God bless you and your family always,

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mrs Tay Cheng Fun,

Mrs Tay,thanks for teaching 03/91. You were very strict with us. At that time, we may not appreciate it but without you, I would not have gotten distinction for double Maths. Thank you for taking care of me when I was teaching in AJ too. You have made a difference in my life ;)

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mdm Ong Kwee Hoon,


谢谢您的教导, 也谢谢您在我回到安初教学的日子里对我的照顾。


Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr Seet Seow Meng,

Thanks for teaching 03/91. You are a very fun loving lecturer and tutor. Thanks for bringing us so much joy and laughter.
Happy Teachers' Day!

God bless you,

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr William Chua,


Happy teachers' day and once again, thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! We were very lucky to have you as our lovely PD tutor!:)
We will be visiting you again during CNY next year! Prepare angpao for us!!haha:D

your elite class (10/2007)


Dear Mr.Wee Hock Guan, Mr. Lim Kim Thye, Mdm. Sandra Ong, Ms Tay Li Mei, Ms Choy,

Happy Teachers' Day! Thank you for your dedicated hardwork.

Terence Lim Yi Loong (03/2007)


Dear Mrs Ong Yee Ling,

thank you for patiently teaching us and refreshing the concepts in class. Although our results were quite disappointing, you continued to help us and encourage us. Thank You very much ! we appreciate your help a lot !

Jasmine Soo Shin Ying (17/2010)


Dear 潘老师,


Jasmine Soo Shin Ying (17/2010)


Dear Mr Su Wei Zhi,

Thank you for understanding that bio is a subject that requires alot of memory work, and therefore, kept on summarising learning points for us so that we can better understand the topic. Really appreciate your help alot ! =D

Jasmine Soo Shin Ying (17/2010)


Dear Mrs Helen Chng,

Thank you for patiently helping us to brush up our GP and constantly trying your best to make GP lessons enjoyable. We really enjoy your lessons very much ! =D

Jasmine Soo Shin Ying (17/2010)


Dear Mr Clement Ong,

Happy Teachers' Day Mr Clement Ong!

Chin Jian Wei William (13/2005)


Dear Mr Edwin Chia Kian Boon,

Mr Chia,
Thank you so much for guiding us along and teaching us with conviction. Sorry that our class had constantly been testing your patience during lessons, be it the questions prompted or the attentiveness that we gave you. Thank you so much for tolerating us and do not give up on us despite us being the last class out of the entire conhort taking H2 Physics. The hard work you had made for the sake of your students had touched me and it will inspire us to do better. Thank you so much and Happy Teacher's Day!!!!

Tan Yen Teng (03/2009)


Dear Mr Ng, Mr Lau, Mr Ho,

Thank you teachers for your guidance and unwavering support for Chess Club. We believe that we're able to soar to greater heights as one united Chess Club. Happy Teachers' Day!

Chess Club (Batch of 2010)


Dear Miss Faith Ng, Miss Yeo Hui Cheng, Mr Lau Haw Ping, Mr Ng Hong Peng, Mr Heng Jee Yong, Miss Cai and Mr Alex Lee,

A super duper Happy Teachers' Day to all of you! :)
Thank you for being in our lives to guide us!


09/09 (09/2009)


Dear Mrs Ong Yee Ling, Ms Tan Joy, Mr Ong Chin Meng, Mr Tony Lee, Mr Terrence Toh,

Hi former teachers of 2108!

Thank you for not throwing us out of class when we dozed off during lessons and for all your guidance which helped us get through our A levels!

With us going on our different paths now, we'd like to thank you for making our past 2 years so enjoyable and we hope you enjoy the Teachers' Day holiday :)

p.s. Mr Ong, we miss your Tweety Bird Tie :P

Everyone from (21/2008)


Dear Ms Ang Soey Leng, Ms Jasmine Lee, Ms Vanessa Yiak, Mdm Tay Sai Ghor, Mdm Ong Ah Ngor, Ms Corrine Zhu, Mr Ng Hock Soon, Mr Ng Hong Peng, Ms Ewe Jun Wen, Mdm Daphne Tay, Ms Siau Fong Fui, Mr Edwin Chia, Mr Jason Seng,

To all my teachers, I wish you all a Happy Teachers' Day. Thank you for your care, concern and guidance in College. I had really learnt a lot from all of you. Hope that all of you will suceed in whatever you do in the future and once again Happy Teachers' Day 2010.

Yang Weixuan (19/2008)


Dear Mr. Chew Tse Yong, Mr. Ng Hock Soon, Ms Ang Feng Ling, Ms Ewe Jun Wen, Mr. Adrian Bell,

Dear teachers of class 07/07,

I would like to thank each one of you who have painstakingly taught and guided us not only academically but also morally and holistically as we transit from one stage of our lives to another.

Words cannot describe our gratitude towards all of you, on behalf of the class, i
hereby wish all of you a Happy Teacher's Day!


Class of 2008, AJC

Jasvin Lee Weixian (07/2007)


Dear Mr Ong Chin Meng, Mr Eugene Ng, Ms Valerie Chan,

Happy teachers' day! Since I was once in your shoes, I know the difficulties and hardships that you guys go through to teach the kids - and that commands respect :D

So, here's to you and a well-deserved day off (probably 1/2 day off lah haha)!

Ronald Kung (21/2004)


Dear All AJC Teachers!,

Happy Teachers' Day! Wish you all the best in inspiring the next generation like you had with me!

Sending regards from Silicon Valley, California, USA.

Howard low (06/2005)


Dear Teachers who have taught the 30/02 class before,

Happy Teachers' Day!

Tham Zhu Mei (30/2002)


Dear Mrs Maggie Wong, Ms Valerie Chan, Ms In,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Teo Zhi Jian Kent (20/2004)


Dear Mr. Sanuse,

Hi Mr. Sanuse

Happy Teacher's Day! May you be blessed for a wonderful job you have done in educating me during my stay in AJC.

Selamat berpuasa to you too! Moga-moga Cikgu sentiasa dilimpahi dengan rahmatNya. Insyaallah. :-)

Ahmad Bukhari (12/2007)


Dear Yip Kim Wah,

Happy Teachers' Day!!! Thanks for teaching us!

Have a great day!! =)

Ang Jiahao (17/1999)


Dear Ms Corrine Zhu,

Happy teacher's day!
Wonderful Mentor and Caring Teacher!

Tan Lek Wen (14/2007)


Dear Mrs Soon Choon Mui,

Hi Mrs Soon,

I know how to do differentiation and integration perfectly now!

ASEAN Scholar who always flung Mathes..

Tan Lek Wen (14/2007)


Dear Miss Ang Soey Leng,

Happy Teachers' Day Miss Ang!!! =)

Li Minghui Samuel (04/2003)


Dear Mr Sng Peng Poo,

Happy Teachers' Day Mr Sng! =)

Li Minghui Samuel (04/2003)


Dear Mrs Chai, Ms Tan Huay Lian, Mr Chan CM and Mrs Leow ,

It's been 6 yrs since we graduated from AJC. Most of the girls are now working while the boys are still slogging away in university :) regardless, we would all like to say a BIG "THANK YOU" to all our teachers...

for all the hours you dedicated to imparting your knowledge to us...

for the words of encouragement that saw us through the terrible A levels...

for scolding us when we needed to get our acts together.

We are who we are today because of all that. Thank you for everything :) you may not remember all of us but we certainly will never forget all of you :)

we love you mrs chai, ms tan, mr chan and mrs leow :)

happy teachers day!


Gillian Lim (08/2004)


Dear Mrs Chai Chung Mun, Mr Chan Chee Ming, Mrs Chandini Coffelt, Ms Tan Huay Lian, Mrs Josephine Leow, Mdm Jamilah Majeed,

To all the teachers of 08/04, wherever you find yourselves today, a heartfelt thank you for helping us get to where we are now.

For you who are dedicated and patient and kind,
Out of sight yes, but definitely never out of mind.

We hope you are all well. :)

08/04 (08/2004)


Dear Ms Huang Zhenyi ,

I hope this comes as a pleasant surprise! :) Thank you Ms H for being ever encouraging and genuinely kind and caring through these years.. and for standing with 36/07 through the many highs and lows throughout our JC days and beyond.. Maybe you don't know this but you're a friend, a sister, a companion and most importantly, a teacher i'll always look up to.

As my memories of my AJ days become blurry with passing time, I'll always remember how you taught uncomplainingly through what it seems like millions of consultation hours and always walking into each lecture or tutorial with the heart to give and share.
I've not been a brilliant student, but you taught me to shine in the ways i can. You don't know how much that support means to me, even till today. :)

I miss being 17, being in your class sitting through earthquakes, riding into hurricanes, staring down into volcanoes and freakin' out over the insane amount of PDFs to read. I miss getting amused (with my giraffes) over how you can never act like you're truly angry. I miss secretly staring at your pretty pedicures during tutorials. I miss how it sometimes feels like you're so much a part of 36/07 that our student-teacher relationship becomes beautifully intertwined. :)

Thank you for appreciating each and every one of us as individuals, thank you for wanting the best for us and thank you for being more than a student can ask for. We're the 20 people that have rocked and rolled and i dare say on behalf of the rest of the 36nerds, you're the best form teacher we ever had ;) We love you Ms H, we always will. Don't forget us. :)

PS/ I'll see you in 2 months! YAY!

Jalene Cheah (36/2007)


Dear Teachers of 37/07 and of the 24th SC,

Few people may know this, but for me the AJ experience went far beyond the usual, "Second Home" concept. My previous experience at my Secondary School was a very poor one and it was there that my self-esteem was pushed to a real low. However, when I went to AJC what took me by surprise was the extreme warmth that the school had, whether it was the teachers or students, they were welcoming towards whomever you were. It was at AJC where i began to rediscover myself and become more self-confident, allowing me to truly for once, enjoy school life thoroughly.

Of course, all these said and done, it did not mean the teachers at AJC were lenient in their standards. My teachers, be they the ones who taught my class or supervised the 24th SC, always applied a rigorous methodology to their teaching and always sought to inculcate in us the right principles using their own ways of encouragements. They truly made me feel the joy of learning and I have no doubt that even decades later, I will maintain my choice of entering AJC as one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life.

All in all, I feel that the teachers at AJC are there to teach and love teaching and I pray that such teachers will forever be at AJC. I would especially like to thank Mr Alex Tan, Mr Tan Chin Kah, Miss Corrine Zhu and My KI teacher Mr Loh(no longer at AJC)for making my AJ experience so enriching.

Chean Yufei (37/2007)


Dear Miss Valerie Chan,

You're awesome, through and through. May you have an excellent Teachers' Day.

Jessica Wong (32/2006)


Dear Miss Bok,

When they say Anderson Junior College is a 'teacher school' (a school which produce future teachers), we can see why. Only great teachers can produce other teachers. You have my heartfelt gratitude.

Have a most happy teacher's day!

Regards from your former student, now teacher,

Lee Siu Kee (03/2001)


Dear Mr Ng Eng Hock,

Dear Mr Ng,

Thank you for having taught me physics. You laid the foundation of my physics knowledge which is fundamental for current undergraduate study (and probably for my future career). I was greatly enthused by you and since JC, I have been reading books on modern physics. I've tried reading the highly recommended book by you- "The Tao of Physics", but the book is greatly philosophical (and difficult to understand) for me. I love physics!

Xie Zhao Yan (02/2003)


Dear Miss Siau Fong Fui,

Thank you for being so supportive of the performing arts groups of our school. Music and arts can supplement the education of our student. I truly appreciate your hard work. Wishing you a happy Teachers' Day.

Xie Zhao Yan (02/2003)