Teachers' Day Dedication 2011

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Mr Lee Dong Liang ,

Happy Teacher's Day! Mr Lee
Not sure whether you still remember me from 24/09!
Thanks for your dedication to our class and you are really an insprirational figure!
I owe my A to you!
Thank you!!

Jamie Loh Jia Ling (24/2009)


Dear Ms Siau Fong Fui, Ms Wendy Koh, Mr Lim Kim Thye, Mr Patrick Tan,

Happy teachers day Ms Siau, Ms Wendy Koh, Mr Lim and Mr Patrick Lim!! Thank you very much for all of your guidance in council. Do keep in contact with me @ 90460433 or on facebook. All the best and continue to brighten the student's lives with your fiery passion! THANKS!

PS to Mr. Lim: 12am (not a typo!) @ Sembawang for O1 preparations with Lenny? :P

Goh Chern Kuan (03/2002)


Dear Mr Lim Kim Thye,

To the best, most fierce, coolest and dedicated Chemistry teacher I've ever had, Happy Teacher's Day. Stay young, stay happy, and stay cool. Wish you all the best and thank you for all you have done for me both as chemistry teacher and council teacher. I didn't fail chemistry but neither did I choose to pursue it. :) Good luck and take care always.

Dennis Tan (21/2002)


Dear Miss Usha, Mdm Woon and Mr Chan CM,

Its been more than a decade since I last attended your lessons! Thanks for your patience and efforts. Non mihi solum!

Ho Jin Cheng (07/1999)


Dear Mr. Mohan, Ms Huang, Mdm Loh, Ms Lim, Mrs Ng, Mr. Tan,

To all teachers who've taught me for the past 2 years in AJ,

Happy Teacher's Day! :D

The times i spent in AJ were memorable and it's a joy being your student. Thank you for your guidance, and never giving up on me even at times when I couldn't score well.

The 2 years in college were very significant for me as I witnessed how with the effort and endurance, one's work can really pay off. I've also made friends whom I feel can last for a lifetime. And the patience that you have shown in guiding us past the secondary school days to the JC life made it easier for us to integrate into the new community. I was once hesitant about going to a JC, but after going through it, I believe it was a decision that I will not regret.

Thank you so much for the memories and I hope you'll continue to inspire more students in years to come!

Your student,
Xuemei (Class 35/09)

Foo Xuemei (35/2009)


Dear Mdm Jean Lee,

Thanks Mdm Lee! For helping me through out my various applications, as well as with the notes you so kindly provided when I requested for them, I am very grateful. :)

Chia Shu Xuan (11/2007)


Dear Ms In; Mrs Ng; Ms Yeo; Mr Tony Lee,

Happy Teacher's Day to my teachers. Thank you for all your guidance during my 2 years in AJC. I can't go back to AJC during teacher's day as i will be stuck in camp. I am doing fine and i hope all of you are too.

Specially to Mrs. Ng:
Thanks for sharing the success story of one of your ex-student who failed econs all the way but achieved "A" in the end. I followed his/her footsteps. And thank you very much for helping me last year during the few precious moments before A' Levels.

Specially to Miss Yeo:
Thanks for making chemistry such a lively subject with those "stress reduction- balloon popping" lessons. Chemistry was a real nightmare for me then but it turned out alright.

Specially to Miss In:
Thank you for being such a caring PD tutor of 24/09! Hope to meet you soon when i go back to AJ.

Specially to Mr. Lee:
Thank you for guiding 24/09 through the last few moments before our A levels last year. It was a really crazy last year.

Chua Zhi Jun Kenneth (24/2009)


Dear MRS Ong Yee Ling,

I would love to express my gratitude towards your teaching and dedication to our class. Moreover, i really appreciate the fact both of us share a passion for Chemistry. Thank for the time you encouraged as well as nagged me to study harder and not being complacent not only in Chemistry but also in other subjects. Thank you for allowing me to eat in class. Thank you for treating me as well as any other student in your class. Last but not least, thank you for continuing to teach as lively as you can.

Phan Do Dang Khoa (29/2010)


Dear Mr Su Weizhi,

GOOO MR SU! YOU'RE LIKE DAMN SWEET AND AWESOME. :D Thanks for guiding us all along till date and we hope to be under you for the rest of our JC life.

Rinie Gupta (31/2011)


Dear Mrs Maggie Wong, Ms Valerie Chan, Ms In,

Happy Teacher's Day! 教师节快乐!

Teo Zhi Jian Kent (20/2004)


Dear Ms Soh Swee Keng,

To our dearest cute little Ms SohSweeKeng!
Today is definitely a day for you. In my eyes, in our eyes, you deserve this day more than anyone else! :D
Although you did nag at us all the time, i know they all meant well. Youd go the extra mile, conduct lesson, consultation and all to make sure we are at least revising something during intensive practices. You did check with our tutors about our progress and give all the advices you can to us. You'd make delicious dessert for us, taking so much care of our welfare. You'd sacrifice so much of your family time so that we can have more time to practice. Your motherly love touched every single one of us.

& on this special day I want to say a big THANL YOU to you on
behalf of the band.
Don't worry, we will study our hardest & not let you down.

Enjoy your day!

On behalf of AJCSB,

Peckyclub@hotmail.com (09/2010)


Dear Mrs Tay Cheng Fun, Mr Yip, Mr Seet, Mdm Ong (MT HOD), Mdm Jean Lee,

Dearest teachers,

Thank you for teaching me 20 years ago. Those were one of the best times of my life. I owe a lot to you. Sorry that I cannot go back this year as I am reservist yet again.

Wishing you a very happy Teachers' day!

Take care and God bless you,
Jae Chia

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr. Sanuse,

Assalamualaikum Mr. Sanuse.

Selamat Hari Guru! Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baik cikgu selama ini. Amin, insyaAllah. :)

Ahmad Bukhari (12/2007)


Dear CIkgu Jamilah,

Assalamualaikum Cikgu Jamilah

Selamat Hari Guru! Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baik cikgu. Amin, insyaAllah. :)

Ahmad Bukhari (12/2007)


Dear Cikgu Raudah,

Assalamualaikum Cikgu Raudah.

Selamat Hari Guru. Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baik cikgu. Amin, insyaAllah. :)

Ahmad Bukhari (12/2007)


Dear Ms Usha,

Hi Ms Usha!

Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you so much for all the sacrifice and help that you have given to me and my friends! The knowledge you gave us is priceless! May you always be in good health and be rewarded for all your efforts!

Ahmad Bukhari (12/2007)


Dear Mdm Ong, Ms Bok, Ms Usha, Mr Seet, Ms In, Mr Sng, Mdm Ho, Ms Adele Lee,

Dear teachers,

Thank you for being part of my wonderful JC life. 05/95 is made more interesting because of you!

Mdm Ong : Always caring and forgiving towards this naughter PD class of yours.

Mr Seet : Forever animated during lecture and tutorial. Your Maths lessons are never boring.

Mr Sng : We are secretly glad to get the youngest teacher that year. I will always remember the Physics concepts which you manage to bring across so easily.Even now, you are a great mentor whom I turned to for inspiration.

Ms Adele Lee: I will remember you as a teacher with character. Maybe the only one the class is 'scared' of when you just come in, sit down and ask " Any questions?"

Mdm Ho : Chinese lessons were fun. Probably more interactive and bonding than other lessons due to the stories you tell.

Tan Joy (05/1995)


Dear Ms Huang Kailin, Ms Ma Jialin, Ms Kat Kar Hwee, Ms Esther Cheng, Mr. Looh Kok Kheong, Mr Kwok Boon Yong, Mr Edwin Chia,

Happy Teachers' Day!! 12'09 loves all of you, FOREVER!!

Students (12/2009)


Dear Mr Yip Kim Wah , Mr Alex Tan, Mrs Ho Dai Hwee, Mr Daniel Seng(CSE),Mr Peter Herd,Mr Ong Chin Meng,Mdm Pan Qun,Miss Lee Lin Ying, Miss Yeo Hui Cheng,

Dear teachers who taught 32/07,

On behalf of my class I would like to say Happy Teachers' Day to all of you. Thanks for your endurance and your peseverance in teaching and nuturing us. Even though we were in JC we were a bunch of ignorant kids thanks for putting up with us. On this very special occasion I would like to extend my gratitude to all of you again! Thanks!!!

Tay Shu Lin (32/2007)