Teachers' Day Dedication 2012

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Miss Ang Soey Leng, Mr Sng Peng Poo, Miss Bok Teck Kin, Mdm Tan Lee Fang, Mr Andy Quek,

###!!!### 教师节快乐 ###!!!###
###!!!### Happy Teachers' Day ###!!!###

Li Minghui Samuel (04/2003)


Dear Ms Ho Siew Chong, Mr Ng Eng Hock, Mr Lee Hay Beng, Ms Tan Huay Lian, Ms Bok Teck Kin, Mdm Aw Lay Hoon, Mr Andy Quek, Mr Lau Haw Ping, Ms Daljit Kaur, Mrs Soon Choon Mui,

Dear wonderful educators,

I always admire your courage to teach despite the challenges. Happy teachers' day and continue to inspire your charges as much as you have inspired me as a student and now as fellow teachers!

Wee Wen Shih (student from CG09/90 and staff 1999-2006)

Wee Wen Shih (09/1990)


Dear Mr Poh Wei Leong, Mr Goh Wing Hoe Vincent,

Dear Mr Poh and Mr Goh,

Thank you for being such awesome and dedicated teachers. I was initially not confident in managing my sciences as I felt that my foundation was quite weak. However, your effective teaching style and guidance built up on my understanding and genuine interest of the sciences. I truly enjoyed and benefited greatly from your tutorials and additional consultation lessons. May you continue to enjoy teaching and meeting new students.

Wishing you a 'Happy Teachers' Day' !

Agnes Goh (21/2010)


Dear Mdm Ong Ah Ngor,

Dear Mdm Ong, I miss you!!! Thank you for your patience and guidance during our A levels! Your constant encouragement was important to us and it was our pillar of strength! :) Once again, thank you!!!! Happie Teachers' Dayyy!!! :D

Felicia Phan (20/2010)


Dear Mr Eugene Ng,

Mr Ng!!! I miss your super interesting Chem lessons!!! Don't act fierce ok? Haha! Wishing you a HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY! Will visit you soon!!! :))))) Please don't forget 20/10!!!

Felicia Phan (20/2010)


Dear Mr Sng (Phy), Mrs Chai (Chem),

Happy teachers' day to all of you! :)
Thank you for your guidance and passion.
Take care always.

Cynthia Wiranegara (02/2007)


Dear Ms Aw Meng Yuan, Mr Gaverd Poh, Mr Clement Ong,

Thank you for being such dedicated Biology teachers at AJC. Your enthusiasm at lectures and patience to correct students' mistakes are well appreciated. I wish you all the best in your teaching endeavours and may you continue to inspire generations of biologists to come!

Sarah (23/2009)


Dear Ms Naomi Abraham,

Dear Ms Abraham,

Hope you have been doing well at AJC.
I felt really grateful to be taught by you. Your guidance and patience has truly allowed me to appreciate the English language and the world of GP. Thank you very much and I hope you will have a splendid Teacher's Day. All the best in your future endeavours!

Best regards,
Sarah Seo

Sarah (23/2009)


Dear Ms Bok Teck Kin,

Thank You Ms Bok for your encouragement! Maths Goddess of 0109
Happy Teachers Day

Grace (01/2009)


Dear Ms Angel Chew,

Being new did not stop you from earnestly and patiently explain concepts to us. Although 18/10 had been under your charge for less than a year in JC1 for GP and PW, you still readily agree meet us for consultations to clarify our doubts even in JC2, no matter how repetitive they may seem to you. You even find different ways and means to explain concepts to us if we didn’t get it the first time round and kept going until we finally understood. Seriously, I really admire your stamina! But that’s besides the point. The point is, you showed me passion of teaching in action. I have learnt a lot from you and I really can’t thank you enough! Here’s wishing you a Happy Teachers’ Day!

Valerie Ng (18/2010)


Dear Mrs Tay Cheng Fun, Mr Yip Kim Wah, Mr Seet Seow Meng, Mdm Jean Lee, 王老师,,

Dear teachers, thanks for teaching me and also being very nice colleagues while I was teaching in AJC. Without you, I would not be who I am today ;)

Love always,

Jae Chia (03/1991)


Dear Mr Sng Peng Poo,

A very happy Teacher's Day to you! Thank you so much for your guidance in my 2 years in AJC. Those were the precious days I always miss.

Tang Mei Wan (02/2007)


Dear Mdm Jamilah ,

Dearest Mdm Jamilah,

More than 20 years has passed but I will always remember you as a dedicated, brilliant and efficient teacher who pushed us hard to do well on our own accord. You were my inspiration to be a teacher and it truly has been my vocation for 20 years too.

You are forever young and truly amazing. It is not too late to wish you Happy Hari Raya. I will always remember you. :)

CG 36/86

Hamidah Salleh (36/1986)


Dear Mdm Pan Qun,

Dear Mdm Pan Qun, this is Li Zhen here, and I would like to wish you a very happy teachers' day! Thank you for everything that you have done for me, thank you for listening to me when I needed a listening ear. I hope you are doing fine now and I just wanna say, take care and thank you! I love you!

Wong Li Zhen (13/2009)


Dear Mr Andy Quek,

Dear Mr Andy Quek, I hope you still remember me. I remember there was once I was feeling too sick to continue my mathematics paper during prelim and you drove me back to the train station near my house. I would like to thank you for everything and I still miss your math tutorial lessons! I wish you all the best, and God bless!

Wong Li Zhen (13/2009)


Dear Ms Tay Li Na,

Hi Ms Tay,

U were my J2 form and GP teacher. I'll always remember the extra effort u put in teaching me GP as it was one of my weaker subjects. I'm currently a year 2 student in SIM and am doing fine. I hope u continue to be a great form and GP teacher, inspiring the lives of many others in your teaching career ahead.

From Jia Rui

Class of 2008

Goh Jia Rui (30/2007)