Teachers' Day Dedication 2013

Dear Teachers,

Here are the special dedications from the current and ex-AJCians:

Dear Ms Ang SL, Mr Sng PP, Ms Bok TK, Mr Quek KL, Mdm Tan LF,

Wish you a very HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!! :)

Li Minghui Samuel (04/2003)


Dear Mr Ismail, Ms Megan Ng, Mr Chan, Mr Andy Quek, Mr Lau & Mr Matthew Soh,

Dear teachers,

Ten years have past and I would like to thank all of you, without whom I will not be where I am today. As one of the second batch of ASEAN scholars who enrolled in May, I still remember myself faced with so much to catch up on the first day I stepped into school, on top of the challenge of adjusting to a whole new culture, environment and education system. However, I really appreciate and always remain thankful for you dear teachers who took time to coach me personally. Your patience, sincerity and dedication really touched me.

You are also one of the reasons why I have decided to join the teaching profession after I graduated from university. When I see my students now, I see myself in them and remind myself to care for them, just like you did to me. So, thank you for everything that you're doing! I believe there will be even more lives that you'll be touching and transforming in future!

Take care!

Sue Ann (04/2002)


Dear Mrs Goh Lay Hoon, Mdm Han M.E, Mdm Khoo C.W, Ms Angel Chew, Mrs Lim L.T, Mr Ho K.T,

To the most awesome teachers I've ever met:

I come find you all soon.


One of your most awesome students.

Deshawn Toh (18/2010)


Dear Mr Lee Dong Liang,

Thank you Mr Lee for everything, for who I am today! I will work hard and continue the legacy of "Non Mihi Solum" and spread the passion of math through volunteer work. Thank you for having so much faith in me though I was almost certain that I could not make it through!
Wish you all the best in everything and continue to be crazy about MATH!

Cynthia Ho Sin Tian (01/2011)


Dear Mr Eric Hui, Ms Danielle Khong, Ms Bok Teck Kin, Mrs Chai Chun Mun, Mr Sng Peng Poo, Mr Neo Eng Huat, Ms Tay Sai Ghor, Mr Tan Ser Yang, Mr William Chua, Mr Trevor Tay,

“Listen! The wind is rising, and the air is wild with leaves,
We have had our summer evenings, now for October eves!”
― Humbert Wolfe

Examinations in JC are like the October eves; always building in intensity till they reach full blown winter, making you fall not once but countless times. My teachers are the ones that motivated me to be better, though they grow tired and weary at times, skipping lunch, sleep and even losing time for their loved ones. Sometimes I take comfort in the fact that teachers are more worried than students who need to go university and that encouraged me to push forward and not give up, especially when the teachers sweat more than us.

AJC teachers unlike other school teachers take a very different approach towards inculcating leadership in students. Their emphasis on personal development and growth over results is testament to the fact they are not expecting anything in return to boost the standings of the school. It feels more like a home than a school. One where AJCians can be groomed to be caring leaders for the world. I still remembered how my PD tutor consoled me that I will be alright in managing the class while getting my grades on track for A levels when I was in J1. It was such quitting moments that really tested my decision-making skills and my PD tutor just calmed me down and talked sense into me. He taught me that a leader must be calm and rationale in thought. Imagine I would regret not rallying and combining the forces of such awesome classmates in PDG 23/11. Getting the class together was the best and most fun thing I would never ever forget throughout my life. Who can forget our teachers that join in the fun and their equally funny jokes. Lessons are never mundane, except for never ending awesome moments.

My teachers always try to engage us from all directions. For GP, my teacher will start some international debate to discuss world facts and opinions, leading to some fiery conflict. For Chemistry and Physics, my teachers will always explain some joke regarding some mistakes ex-students made. Especially physics, there is always some practical that will awe us, like The Sng's Challenge. AJ Maths is... well as challenging as Economics. Overcoming the challenge is the engaging part, which I find it to be the highest level of engagement. The teachers will never give up on us. It's a pity when we give up on the subject.

Moving the discussion away from the classroom to the field, PE teachers must be applauded for their planned PE regimes. They may seem tough but in actual fact, it is for boys to suffer now than to suffer later. Running 1min 20sec around the 400m track may seem taxing but without this regime, we(guys) would really suffer.

JC may be a short 2 years but to make 2 years so memorable is no easy feat. Thank you teachers for igniting the fire in us. YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER!

Barry Tee Wei Cong (23/2011)


Dear Ms Stephanie Lim, Ms Karol Tan, Ms Chong Pei Fang and Ms Esther Wang,

Dearest GP beauties,

It was a real privilege to be able to work (and play!) with you this year as an intern! Thank you for being your awesome selves and here's wishing you a very very happy teachers' day! Enjoy your well-deserved break!

Heaps of <3,

Sharanya Pillai (29/2011)


Dear Ms Angel Chew,

Dearest Ms Chew,

As a student, I always admired your teaching style, but it was only as an intern that I came to fully appreciate how much thought and effort you put into every single lesson plan. I feel blessed to have received so much from a truly dedicated teacher.

I was once told that the best way to show gratitude is not to pay back, but to pay it forward. It was really your dedication that motivated me to try and do my best for the kids entrusted to me. Many of my lesson plans were in fact inspired by what I've learnt from you. (Haha if you need evidence you can ask my former classes, I would constantly say 'my own GP tutor said...' whenever I taught them.)

So by now, it's clear that I cannot thank you enough for all the guidance you have provided as a GP and PD tutor, as well as for going beyond your call of duty as an outstanding mentor! Thank you so much for being awesomely you!:D

And to end this message, allow me to indulge in a little nagging!^^ Don't skip any meals! And please please remember to give yourself the rest you deserve! Take care!:D

Loads of love,

Sharanya Pillai (29/2011)


Dear Ms Ang Feng Ling, Ms Joy Tan,

On behalf of 05/06, I would like to thank you for always believing in us and never giving up on us. Here's wishing you the very best and Happy Teachers Day, 教师节快乐!

Jin Ken (05/2006)


Dear Mr.Alvin Yeong (the best chemistry teacher!),

Thank you for being my H2 Chemistry tutor. Your enthusiasm and your innovative ways of teaching really make studying chemistry very enjoyable and fun. I'm now studying Pharmacy at NUS and am really enjoying it. Hope to hear from you soon and Happy Teacher's Day :)

Sophia henry (17/2011)


Dear teachers who have taught us in 2008 and 2009,

It has been around 5 years.
But we still remember you.
And thank you for whatever you have done for us.
Do you still remember us?

Happy Teachers' Day!

38/08 (38/2008)


Dear Ms Ho Siew Chong, Ms Mak Foon Mui,

Dear Ms Ho Siew Chong,

I will still remember the day whereby you 'rejected' my application to drop physics. Despite having borderline results, you believed in my ability to perform well in the A levels. Keeping your words in mind, they serve as a strong motivation to keep me going throughout the A levels.

and Ms Mak Foon Mui,

Thanks for elaborating the chemistry concepts to the point whereby they look so simple! I also appreciate the effort in creating extra classes for us despite your busy schedule so you can explain the questions in detail.

Student of (09/2004)