As part of our objectives of maintaining close association with the college, and to provide her any support which may be needed for its development and well-being, AJCAA introduces various initatives and programmes to benefit the current students and alumni.

In addition, some of the initiatives/programmes provide opportunities for alumni to interact with the current students, thereby providing a platform for fostering comradeship among them.

Here are some of the initiatives/programmes we introduced.

AJCAA Undergraduate Financial Assistance Award

The AJCAA Undergraduate Financial Assistance Award was set up in 2005 with the support of the college, as well as our alumni. The awards are meant to assist former students of AJC who require financial assistance for their full-time undergraduate studies. The institution of the award amplifies the college motto of "Non Mihi Solum" where members of the AJC family step forward to help out a fellow member in need.

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AJCAA Tutoring Programme

Whenever the "A" Level examinations draw near, we hope to work with our alma mater and look into ways to provide academic support to the current batch of graduating students. We recruit alumni interested in providing academic guidance to the graduating students. These alumni tutors will conduct tutoring sessions from August to November on every Saturday in the AJ Reading Room.

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Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme is a new initiative we introduced on 2009. Its goals are: (i) to connect AJC students who are striving to gain knowledge and experience in a certain field with AJC alumni and the public who have the relevant experience, and (ii) to mentor AJC students in whatever ways that would be helpful. That includes providing career guidance, tutoring (teach study skills and techniques) etc.

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