The Reunion 2 Performance will revolve around a typical AJ student's timetable. The performance will deploy the current trend of communication "twitter" to connect the different performances together. This performance aims to recollect the memories of all AJCians and also aims to have some interaction with the audience with "twitter" as enabler. We plan to surprise our audiences on that day!

This performance is made possible by the volunteers of these interest groups (in alphabetical order):

  1. Band
  2. Chinese Orchestra
  3. Choir
  4. Guitar Ensemble

You can expect a modern presentation from these conventional interest groups. This performance will be a light-hearted one, with creative scripts, music and dance. Our guest stars include Tay Kexin (an ex-ajcian whose voice was featured in the Youth Olympic Games 2010 Opening Ceremony) and Tan Kah Yong (one of our most musically talented AJCO alumni who is very recognized in the local and regional CO music scene as he has arranged and composed a lot of music pieces for professional CO). Both guest stars play an active role in The Reunion 2!

Snapshots of the AJCAA Interest Groups

Tay Kexin Our AJ Alumni Star: Often described as a petite powerhouse, Kexin has been active in the local music scene ever since her first solo act at the Sentosa Jazz by the Beach 2008. She also had numerous performance experiences at the Esplanade, including the annual Celebrate Christmas at Esplanade Waterfront.

She was also privileged to perform for the APEC CEO Summit 2009, as well as the opening ceremony for the inaugural Asian Youth Olympic Games 2009. Her most memorable performance include singing for President S.R Nathan at the National University of Singapore Commencement Dinner 2009.

More recently, her voice was featured in the Youth Olympic Games 2010 Opening Ceremony during the Atheletes March-in. She also collaborated with the Summertimes Big Band for the opening act of the Mediacorp Festival 2010, as well as the Elle Magazine Award Show 2010.



Established towards the end of 2010, the Anderson Junior College Alumni Association Band (AJCAAB) is the brainchild of a group of passionate ex-members, keen on fueling their ever-burning passion for music while hoping to maintain ties with their alma mater. Even though the band is short on history, it is certainly not short on ambition as it hopes to entertain the public at large, whilst being a pillar of support to the main band and the school. The AJCAAB currently performs under the baton of resident conductor, Mr. Alvin Seville.

AJCAA Chinese Orchestra

Chinese Orchestra

The AJC Alumni Chinese Orchestra (AJCAACO) was formed in 1998. Their mission aims to provide a platform for the AJCO alumni and college to promote the arts and Chinese culture; it also provides encouragement and support to the AJCO juniors through regular interaction with them. AJCAACO has held 2 public performances, "Prologue" and "Xian Xu Qin Yuan" in 2003 and 2006 respectively. In addition, the orchestra is regularly invited to perform at Rabobank and Singapore Press Holdings' cultural events.

The orchestra has also groomed many musical talents, including the current Singapore Chinese Orchestra Arranger in Residence, Mr Tan Kah Yong and huqin soloist, Ms Heng Lena. Their achievements in the orchestra field have brought glory and honour to AJCAACO.



Sing. Feel. Love.
Those words have fueled the passions of ex-choristers from AJC, leading to the establishment of the AJCAA Choir in 2006. Since then, the Alumni Choir has performed at both public and private events, including engagements for companies such as SIA and SICC. They were also involved in charity performances such as the SGH Christmas event in 2007, as well as the blood donation drive organized by the Singapore Red Cross (SMU Chapter) in 2008.

In August 2007, they have performed in "The Reunion1", a public performance organized by the AJCAA, which encompassed many alumni interest groups. In March 2008, a group of them joined their alma mater to Riva del Garda, Italy for the 10th International Choir Competition. Later that year in June, they've performed alongside AJC Choir at the Esplanade Concert Hall for their annual concert.

The Alumni Choir had its first public concert, entitled "Old Friends, New Melodies" in June 2009 at the Young Musician's Society Auditorium, which was well received by our audience. In addition, they have performed alongside AJC Choir once again at the Esplanade Concert Hall for a concert entitled "Our Yesterdays". Driven by passion for singing and performing, they hope to expand their musical horizons with more performances and spread their love for music to a wider audience.

AJCAA Guitar Ensemble

Guitar Ensemble

The AJC Alumni Guitar Ensemble was first established in January 2011 by a group of like-minded Guitarists. It is a very young group and is currently in the initial stages of becoming something more than just an Alumni interest group.

The Alumni Guitar Ensemble aims to explore various ways of playing and performing with the Guitar in addition to the traditional Ensemble-style performances. Currently, it is experimenting with an "Acoustic Band" performing style, and we hope to do more of such performances in the future.