AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2009

Duration: 15 August 2009 — 7 November 2009

For the forth consecutive year, AJCAA has organized the AJCAA Tutoring Programme and have helped over more than 40 students who were in need of academic support.

For 2009, we have extended our programme to 10 sessions compared to 9 last year. Also, we have helped more than 40 students as compared to 39. Furthermore, we have 16 alumnus including ex and current AJC teachers who volunteered themselves as tutors. They are from various batches: 1984, 2001, 2004, 2005 and 2007. The subjects tutored are General Paper, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

We are really grateful to our fantastic alumni who came down especially on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12 noon to give our juniors some guidance in various subjects.

For many of us, it is tough trying to wake up early on weekends after a long week of hard work or studies. This year, the alumni EXCO members played a role taking turns to do "babysitting" duty to watch over the sessions. Thank You, EXCO members. Sometimes, we even wonder if we still have the ability (despite the "A"s that we may have) to help the juniors thus we really appreciate the time and effort that our alumnus spent in coaching our juniors. Thank You!

Interested ex-AJCians would be invited for an appraisal before the commencement of the AJCAA Tutoring Programme. On the conclusion of the program, AJCAA will award testimonials and transport reimbursements for those ex-AJCians who have participated as tutors in this programme. Stay tuned and come forward to volunteer yourself for the programme in 2010.

Our volunteers are:

Our Exco members who have to "babysit" are: Kent Teo, Kian Kiat, Ms Siau, Peiying, Siau Hui and Zhiqiang.