AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2010

Duration: 14 August 2010 — 16 October 2010

For the fifth consecutive year, AJCAA has organized the AJCAA Tutoring Programme for the A-Level students of AJC, in order to support the current batch of graduating students in their studies.

For 2010, over 7 tutoring sessions held in the reading room at AJC, we have helped 61 students who were in need of academic support as compared to 40 students in 2009. Furthermore, we have extended our tutor base to 19 alumni from 16 previously in 2009. They are from various batches: 1993, 1998. 1999, 2001, 2003 — 2008. The subjects offered for 2010 were extended to 7 from 6 in 2009 which are General Paper, Economics, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

We are really grateful to our fantastic alumni who came down especially on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12 pm to guide our juniors in the various subjects, clearly exemplifying our college motto of "Non Mihi Solum". Without their help, this programme will not be made possible. We thank you for your commitment and concern for our juniors, and we look forward to collaborating with you for next year's Tutoring Programme.

For many of us, it is difficult waking up early on weekends after a long week of strenuous work or studies. This year, the alumni EXCO members played a role taking turns to watch over the sessions and to offer any necessary help to our tutors. We sincerely thank our EXCO members and appreciate the time and effort that our alumni spent in coaching our juniors.

If you are interested in joining our Tutoring Programme, you would be invited for an appraisal before the commencement of the AJCAA Tutoring Programme. On the conclusion of the program, AJCAA will award testimonials and transport reimbursements for the ex-AJCians who have participated as tutors in this Programme. Stay tuned and come forward to volunteer yourself for the Programme in 2011.

Our volunteers for 2010 are (in alphabetical order):

No. Name PDG
1 Alvin Seo Jia Han 37/07
2 Chen Zi'Ang 13/07
3 Cheung Ka Kei 22/07
4 Chua Chee Tek 14/03
5 Heng Yun Heng Kelvin 04/04
6 Josiah Lau 15/06
7 Kyaw Zin Hiet 14/05
8 Lim Jinghui 04/04
9 Lim Jun Xiang 25/07
10 Lim Yoke Kuang 04/01
11 Li Zhenhui 30/98
12 Low Hiok Por 15/99
13 Ng Chenyee 32/93
14 Ng Lee Ping 01/04
15 Polly Ng Bao Li 19/07
16 Soh Joon Kiat Kelvin 04/05
17 Tan Wei Hao 25/07
18 Teoh Tick Meng 11/08
19 Woon Suyi Celine 16/05

Our EXCO members who had to watch over the sessions are (in alphabetical order):
Kent Teo, Kian Kiat, Ms Joy Tan (AJC Teacher), Qixiang, Ms Siau Fong Fui (VP of AJC), Mr. Udayakumar (AJC Teacher) and Zhiqiang


Below are testimonials from tutees who have participated in the AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2010. We thank all the tutor volunteers who have contributed and wish all the tutees all the best in their future endeavor:

"I am really glad that I had made the right choice back then of going for the tutoring program that AJC Alumni organizes annually to help students excel in their 'A' Levels Examinations. A 3-hour tutoring session weekly really helped me to clear my misconceptions as well as my doubts for Economics. Definitely, hard work is also needed in order to excel in the examinations, but attending the weekly sessions really helps to make learning a lot easier. From a student who barely passed Economics to one who managed to secure an 'A' during the 'A' Levels, I am really thankful for the tutoring sessions that I attended and of course not forgetting the help from my Economics teacher. As the examination date draws nearer, I am sure that most of you out there would be starting to feel stress and less confident of yourself. Not to worry, there is always this tutoring program that the Alumni have kindly organized for you all to join. I am sure you all will benefit from it just like how I benefitted from it last year." — Ng Jing Shi, PDG 23/09 (Economics)

"I took part in the AJCAA Tutoring Programme in 2010. Through this programme, it provides me with an alternative channel to clarify my doubts and allows me to practice more. It supports my studies by giving me more opportunities to explore the concepts thoroughly so that I can easily clear my misconceptions. It has indeed helped me to achieve good results and I am really thankful for the time and effort put in by the organising committee and my tutor in this programme." — Sim Shin Ying, PDG 24/09 (Biology)

"I was a student who benefited from the AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2010. I felt the program has benefited all students in general as it acts as a platform for us students to learn and improve on our weaker subjects from our very own seniors. I am very grateful for the time and effort put in by the volunteer tutors! Kudos! :)" — Chia Pei Jun, PDG 33/09 (Geography)

"Through the AJCAA Tutoring Program, I have managed to gain a better understanding of Physics concepts as the tutors of are nearer age to us hence making it easier for us to communicate and discuss ideas. The tuition program has been an excellent platform for me to raise any doubts that I had regarding any Physics assignment. The tuition conducted in groups made learning more engaging and easier as we could discuss and debate about the answers of the questions. Lastly, through this program I was also able to ask my tutor questions out of the subject e.g. Math questions and also questions out of syllabus. The tutor also had additional resources which had helped to facilitate my understanding and improve my problem solving skills." — Tay Jie Xin Joyce, PDG 08/09 (Physics)

"The AJC Alumni session gave me a chance to revise intensively for Geography on weekends. For four hours, we get to ask any questions on the topics not only taught in JC2, but also those in JC1. We also got to try out questions in the past-years prelim papers and A-Level Exams that have not been covered in class. During the peer tutoring session, we would have many engaging discussions on any concepts that we were unsure about. The tutor not only revised with us the content knowledge needed to handle the question but also the way to structure the answer. He is also well-prepared with a ten-year series book by the side for reference and for occasions where he will guide us through some interesting facts." — Toh Wei Lin, PDG 33/09 (Geography)