AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2011

Duration: 6 Aug — 22 Oct 2011

For the sixth consecutive year, AJCAA has organized the AJCAA Tutoring Programme for the A-Level students of AJC, in order to support the current batch of graduating students in their studies.

For 2011, over 9 tutoring sessions held in the reading room at AJC, we have helped 76 students who were in need of academic support as compared to 61 and 40 students in 2010 and 2009 respectively. Furthermore, we have extended our tutor base to 20 alumni from 19 and 16 alumni previously in 2010 and 2009 respectively. They are from various batches: 2002 — 2009. The subjects offered for 2011 were General Paper, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

We are really grateful to our fantastic alumni who came down especially on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12 pm to guide our juniors in the various subjects, clearly exemplifying our college motto of 'Non Mihi Solum'. Without their help, this programme will not be made possible. We thank you for your commitment and concern for our juniors, and we look forward to collaborating with you for next year's tutoring programme.

For many of us, it is difficult waking up early on weekends after a long week of strenuous work or studies. This year, the AJCAA EXCO members and Alumni Office teachers played a role taking turns to watch over the sessions and to offer any necessary help to our tutors. We sincerely thank our AJCAA EXCO members and Alumni Office teachers and appreciate the time and effort that our alumni spent in coaching our juniors.

If you are interested in joining our tutoring programme, you would be invited for an appraisal before the commencement of the AJCAA Tutoring Programme. On the conclusion of the program, AJCAA will award testimonials and transport reimbursements for the ex-AJCians who have participated as tutors in this programme. Stay tuned and come forward to volunteer yourself for the programme in 2012.

Our volunteers for 2011 are (in alphabetical order):

No. Tutor PDG
1 Chan May Er 28/04
2 Chang Hong Wei 11/09
3 Chew Mou Yi 33/02
4 Du Yanxian 26/07
5 Foo Zi Hui 12/09
6 Jia You Wei 16/08
7 Kendrik Tan 16/06
8 Lee Jie Li 12/04
9 Loh Choong Chiat 33/02
10 Marvin Seow Xiang Ce 05/08
11 Ng Xiang Ning Serene 19/05
12 Ong Junjie 29/06
13 Seo Jia Han Alvin 37/07
14 Sng Guo Jie 12/09
15 Soh Joon Kiat Kelvin 04/05
16 Tan Guang Ting, Ryan 31/05
17 Tan Khim Yang 19/08
18 Teoh Tick Meng 11/08
19 Wong Hui Yi 30/09
20 Xing Hao 07/08

Our AJCAA EXCO members and Alumni Office teachers who had to watch over the sessions are (in alphabetical order):
Kent Teo, Lim Kian Kiat, Joy Tan (AJC Teacher), Mo Peiying, Udayakumar (AJC Teacher), Toh Zhiqiang and Su Weizhi (AJC Teacher)