AJCAA Tutoring Programme 2014

Duration: 2 August 2014 to 25 October 2014

For the ninth consecutive year, AJCAA has organized the AJCAA Tutoring Programme for the graduating students of AJC, in order to support them in their studies.

For 2014, over 9 tutoring sessions (7 formal and 2 informal sessions) held in the reading room at AJC, we have helped 72 students, compared to 67 students last year, who were in need of academic support in subjects like General Paper, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Economics.

The programme was highly received by the tutees, with 100% of the tutees who "agree / strongly agreed" in a survey that "they have benefited from the programme and will recommend their juniors to join the programme".

Kudos to our 28 fantastic alumni who came down especially on Saturday mornings from 9am to 12 pm to guide our juniors. AJCAA would like to offer our most sincere appreciation for their commitment and concern for our juniors. Indeed, they have exemplified the spirit of Non Mihi Solum.

In view of their contributions, we have presented them with a certificate and transport reimbursements on 2 occasions — 'A' Level Results Release and AJCAA Annual AGM 2015.

AJCAA would like to thank the AJC School Advisory Committee for the full funding of the transportation reimbursements to our fellow alumni tutors.

We will start our recruitment for Alumni Tutoring 2015 in early June. If you are interested in joining our Tutoring Programme as a tutor, stay tuned and come forward to volunteer yourself for the Programme!

Our volunteers for 2014 are (in alphabetical order):

No. Tutor PDG
1 Benedict Matthew Foong Sheng Ming 20/11
2 Chan Yee Chong Philip 26/11
3 Chen Wei Jian 09/11
4 Chua Yu Song 37/12
5 Ding Gong Yi 05/11
6 Du Yanxian 26/07
7 Gee Jie Min Joyce 28/12
8 Goh You Hui 25/11
9 Han Qi En 24/11
10 Ho Jia Wei 06/12
11 Lau Eng Hui Victoria 28/12
12 Lur Zhen Yi Elisa 37/12
13 Martin Low Jia Jin 33/11
14 Ng Mong Yi Clarence 35/07
15 Ng Su Yin Andrea 37/12
16 Pratibha Nair 15/11
17 Song Yea Ram 06/12
18 Soon Wei Yong Belinda 13/11
19 Tan Khim Yang 19/08
20 Tan Kok Yong Warren 09/07
21 Tan Wei Chong Fabian 09/11
22 Tan Xuan Ming 21/11
23 Tay Jun Hao 36/11
24 Tenzin Chan Han Wei 03/11
25 Yap Ze Ping 23/12
26 Zainul Ariffin Bin Farid 34/05
27 Geraldine Wong Kay Ee 28/12
28 Ling Yanying 25/12

Our AJCAA EXCO members and Alumni Office teachers who had to watch over the sessions are (in alphabetical order):

Benson Chong, Kent Teo, Lim Kian Kiat, Natasha, Ng Hock Soon, Siau Fong Fui, Tan Yee Ying, Udayakumar, You Kailun and Zeng Lijia